ESAE Spring 2019 Catalog

13 COMMUNITY BASED ENGLISH TUTORING HELPING PARENTS TO HELP THEIR CHILDREN SUCCEED IN SCHOOL AYUDANDO A LOS PADRES A AYUDAR A SUS HIJOS A TENER ÉXITO EN LA ESCUELA! LOCATION DAY TIME Captain Jason Dahl Elementary School (CJD) 3200 Water Street, San Jose, CA 95111 MTR 8:30am - 11:40am Robert Kennedy School 1602 Lucretia Ave, San Jose, CA 95122 MWR 8:30am - 11:40am Daniel Lairon School 3975 Mira Loma Way, San Jose, CA 95111 MWF 8:30am - 11:40am Montgomery Elementary School 2010 Daniel Maloney Dr, San Jose CA 95121 MTWRF 8:15am-11:25am For more information call 408.254.8100 Do you want to learn English and help your children in school? These special classes are for you! Free childcare for children 2-11 years old. Children must be toilet trained to enter the program. Quieren aprender ingles y ayudar a sus hijos en la escuela? Estas clases especiales son para Usted! Aprenda Ingles y aprenda sobre la escuela de sus hijos. Cuidado de niños de 2-11 años gratis. Los niños deben estar entrenados para ir al baño . Bạn muốn học tiếng Anh và giúp con em mình ở trường học? Những lớp học đặc biệt dành cho bạn! Học tiếng Anh và tìm hiểu về trường học của con em. Miễn phí chăm sóc trẻ cho trẻ em 2-11 tuổi . Trẻ em phải đi vệ sinh để vào chương trình STUDENT SUCCESS My name is Martha Zaragoza. I am from Mexico. I immigrated to the United States in 1999. Despite living in this country for almost twenty years, my English was not good. At home, all members of my family- my husband, three children, and I only speak Spanish. Therefore, when I decided to apply for U.S. citizenship, I realized that my English was not good enough to pass my citizenship inter- view. In the spring of 2017, in order to improve my English, I en- rolled in an ESL class at Overfelt Adult Center. One semester later, I transferred from the ESL class to a citizenship class at the same school. In this class, my teacher, Olga Kachina, taught me how to fill out the Form N-400, Application for U.S. Citizenship, and how to prepare for my naturalization interview. In 2018 my dream came true, I became a U.S. citizen. I am very grateful for my teachers, their hard work, and the ESUHSD for offering f ree ESL and citizenship classes. I strongly recommend Overfelt Adult School to any im- migrant who would like to learn English, history, and the culture of the United States, and who wish to become a citizen of the United States.

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