ESAE Spring 2019 Catalog

6 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA PROGRAM The East Side Adult Education Program is fully accredited by the Western Associ- ation of Schools and Colleges (WASC) to grant high school diplomas. The High School Diploma Program is open to adults 18 years or older. Over fifty high school classes are offered during the day and evening at Independence Adult Center, Over- felt Adult Center and Andrew Hill High School. Students must meet all state and local requirements for graduation. Residency for high school graduation requires that a student must be enrolled and pass 10 units of credit at the East Side Adult Education program. ​ All new enrolling students must take a placement examination and meet with a counselor before attending classes. Bring transcripts from any previous high schools and or schools you have attended to the counseling appointment. Residency Requirement Students must complete 10 credits in residency. Adult students may concurrently enroll in East Side Adult Education (ESAE) and a class or classes at the Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROC/P) to fulfill this requirement. Howev- er, students who were enrolled in the ROC/P in high school or prior to enrolling ESAE may not count ROC/P course work toward fulfilling the residency require- ment. Courses taken in GED and Vocational Education are considered High School Diploma courses and credits may be applied toward a high school diploma or residency requirements. The evaluation of an adult's prior training, education, and experience is done on an individual basis since so many factors are involved. Credit may be gained in the following ways: • Attendance in and passing of the required high school diploma course • Credit for previous high school courses • Military service • Work experience • Knowledge of a foreign language HSD DISTANCE LEARNING If your schedule and lifestyle does not fit a traditional classroom setting, you can earn your diploma through our Distance Learing program. The number of classes a student is able to take at one time is limited. Official Distance Learning class hours: IAC, room 406, 12:30pm-2:00pm Monday and Thursday.

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