Skyline College • Summer 2019

SPANISH WELLNESS 41 2 0 19 S UMM E R www. s k y l i n e c o l l e g e . e d u SPANISH (SPAN) SPAN 110 ELEMENTARY SPANISH Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 846 or ESOL 400, or equiv- alent. Transfer: UC; CSU (C2). W E E K D A Y 50208 SPAN 110 A6 MTWTh 10:40-2:15 7-7109 Castro 5.0 Dates for SPAN 110 A6: 6/10-7/18 SPEECH (Refer to course listings under COMMUNICATION STUDIES.) SURGICAL CAREERS (SURG) SURG 440 BASIC SCIENCES FOR SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY Prerequisite: Admission to the Surgical Technology program. W E E K D A Y 53952 SURG 440 A8 MTWTh 8 :00-11:30 7-7205 Erskine 6.5 LAB MTW 11:40-12:50 7-7205 Erskine Dates for SURG 440 A8: 6/10-7/18 SURG 448 CLINICAL LAB PRACTICUM FOR CENTRAL SERVICE TECHNOLOGY Prerequisite: SURG 445, or equivalent. W E E K D A Y 55110 SURG 448 A9 MTTh 6 :00-10:00 7-7205 Breadmont 2.0 Dates for the SURG 448 A9: 6/10-8/8 WELLNESS (WELL) (See also: COSMETOLOGY.) WELL 715 INTEGRATED MASSAGE AND MANUAL THERAPY TECHNIQUES Prerequisite: WELL 705 or certification as a massage therapist, or previous massage therapy training in Swedish and deep tissue techniques and education. E V E N I N G 55722 WELL 715 G4 MTWTh 5:00-8:00 4-201B Wimmer 3.0 LAB MTWTh 8:10-9:40 4-201B Wimmer Dates for WELL 715 G4: 6/10-7/4 C L A S S E S Attention Students: Registration for the Summer term begins on May 1, 2019. All fees or payment plans are due at the time of registration to prevent being dropped from your class(es). Past due balances will block you from registration. IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE TO PAY YOUR FEES, YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO: • Enroll in an inexpensive payment plan via WebSMART • Apply for Financial Aid ( ) at least • five (5) business days prior to registering for • your classes • Complete the California College Promise Grant • (CCPG) via WebSMART • Refer to WebSMART for additional information. If you still need financial assistance after exhausting all options listed above, please contact the Dean of Enrollment Services.

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