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100 www. s k y l i n e c o l l e g e . e d u F A L L 2 0 19 ON L I N E C L A S S E S ( education/index.php) What should I know about Distance Education (DE) courses at Skyline College? The San Mateo County Community College District is committed to providing students and the community access to transfer education and workforce training through career/ technical programs. Skyline College provides such access through Distance Education. Through Distance Education courses, all students will have access to earning associate degrees, credit for courses that satisfy transfer course requirements, and career/technical education. These courses are designed to give students greater freedom of scheduling, but they can require more self-discipline and as much time and effort as on-campus classes. For new or first-time DE students, please keep in mind the following: • Online courses are recommended for students who can work well independently and have solid study skills and self-discipline. • Online courses have parity with courses taught in the classroom and are transferable to most four-year colleges and universities. • Students enrolled in online courses have the same status as students enrolled in on-campus courses. • Online courses require as much time and effort as on-campus courses, yet give students greater flexibility with their schedules. • It is important to have reliable computer access and Internet in your home. If you do not, computers are available at Skyline College or through your local library. All communication between student and instructor occurs through the student email system known as “My.SMCCD”. Information to set up and use the account can be found here: Skyline offers two different types of distance learning, Online or Hybrid courses. Online Courses Online courses are those in which the instructor and student are separated by distance for the entire course and can interact exclusively (100%) through the assistance of com- puter technology. The course is conducted through Skyline’s Learning Management System called Canvas. The course may include text and sound and video links, in addition to other online resources. Students interact with the instructor and other students through posted class discussions, direct individual communication, and assignments (which may include group work). Testing may be done online, via proctoring arrangements, or by other means. Instructors require no mandatory on-campus meetings. If an instructor wishes to incorporate on-campus meetings into the course, the instructor/student will provide for alternative distance education means of student participation. Online Classes Hybrid Courses Hybrid courses are those that substitute 51% to 99% of face-to-face instructional hours with online work, and have some regularly scheduled on-campus meetings without alter- native distance education means of student participation. Important Resources Are you ready for online learning? Here are some resources to see if online learning is for you: Introduction to Online Learning to-Online-Learning/index.html Getting Tech Ready Tech-Ready/index.html Organizing for Online Success for-Online-Success/index.html Other Interactive Tutorials Skyline Distance Education Homepage index.php Canvas Student Online Learner Support Canvas tutorials for Skyline Students We Respect Your Privacy Skyline College helps protect its students’ privacy and authenticates its students’ identity by requiring secure login and password whenever a student registers for classes, review his/her enrollment information, or logs in to any other secure SMCCCD site. The District will not share student login and password information with anyone, and students are advised not to share their login and password information. A statement to this effect is posted prominently for students each time they login to WebSMART, the San Mateo County Community College District’s electronic registration system. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Online/Hybrid courses will be taught in Canvas. Detailed information on Canvas and which courses will be taught in Canvas during the fall is available on the Skyline College Distance Education homepage: distanceeducation/

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