Schedule of Classes | Fall 2019 | Skyline College

30 www. s k y l i n e c o l l e g e . e d u F A L L 2 0 19 C L A S S E S ACTG 100 ACCOUNTING PROCEDURES Recommended: MATH 811 or equivalent; BUS. 115 or equivalent; either BCM. 104 or BCM. 225 or equivalent; and eligibility for ENGL 836 and READ 836, or ENGL 846, or ESOL 400, or equivalent. Introduction to financial accounting procedures for proprietorships in service and merchandising operations. Instruction in manual and computerized accounting systems with hands-on computer experience. Plus 16 hours by arrangement. Transfer: CSU. W E E K D A Y 38018 ACTG 100 AS TTh 8:10 10:50 8-8217 Whitten, L. 3.0 Dates for the AS section: 01/16-03/13 E V E N I N G 30006 ACTG 100 JV W 6:30 9:30 8-8217 Steinberg, M. 3.0 O N L I N E 30007 ACTG 100 OL By Arr 3.5 Hrs/Wk Zhang, H. 3.0 Sat 8:30 11:50 8-8217 ACTG 100 OL will be held online and on campus. Classes will meet on campus on Saturdays 1/20, 1/27, 2/24, 3/10, 3/24, 4/7, 4/28 and 5/19 from 8:30 to 11:50 am in Room 8217. Remaining class time will be online. Students must have Internet access and an email address. Orientation meeting on Saturday, January 20, from 8:30 to 11:50 am in Room 8217 – attendance required. Instructor email: [email protected] . How to Read Class Listings Department, Course Number and Title Course Reference Number (CRN) Section Days Class Meets Time Class Meets Location Instructor Number of Units Additional Section Information, where applicable Course Prerequisites/ Recommendations and Description UC and CSU/CSU GE transferability Note: An “X” in the Section designator, such as AX or JX, indicates a class that is cross-listed. Cross-listed classes are those which are offered under more than one department, or which involve instruction at more than one skill level during the same class period. Short course dates apply to the single section immediately above the date line; all other courses are semester length. Building Number before dash, followed by Room Number (Room Number = Building, Floor, and Room) Classes Weekly Schedule Worksheet Once you have selected your classes and are officially registered, use the form below to chart your weekly schedule. Use this to include your work schedule, study times and other outside commitments. Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 8–9 9–10 10–11 11–12 12–1 1–2 2–3 3-4 4–5 5–6 Evening

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