Schedule of Classes | Fall 2019 | Skyline College

ASTRONOMY AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 36 www. s k y l i n e c o l l e g e . e d u F A L L 2 0 19 C L A S S E S ASTR 101 ASTRONOMY LABORATORY – PROMISE SCHOLARS PROGRAM Prerequisite: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ASTR 100, or equivalent. Recommended: Completion of MATH 110, or equivalent. NOTE: These sections are cohort restricted for students in the Promise Scholars Program. Please visit WebSchedule to review general non-cohort restricted sections available. If you would like more information, please contact Ellen Murray, Director, Promise Scholars Program, at (650) 738-7902, or by email at [email protected] . Transfer: UC; CSU (B3). W E E K D A Y 96676 ASTR 101 PB Th 2:10-4:50 8-8304 Grist 1.0 E V E N I N G 96677 ASTR 101 PJ T 7 :00-10:00 8-8304 Prochter 1.0 AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY (AUTO) Automotive Course Repeatability: Course repeatability for those who have taken and passed an automotive course in the past is possible if you fall within the guidelines. You may repeat a previously passed automotive course if it has been longer than 36 months, if it is required by your employer or for employment, or if it is needed to pass certifications tests such as ASE certification or state automotive licensing. For more details refer to the “Course Repetition” section under “Policies” in this schedule. To find out more on how to petition to repeat an automotive course under these guidelines please contact Tom Broxholm at: (650) 738-4131 or [email protected] . AUTO 665S8 2019 SMOG CHECK UPDATE NOTE: This course has a non-refundable materials charge of $75. E V E N I N G 96229 AUTO 665S8 SD Sat/Sun 9:00-5:00 8-8203 Lindsey 1.0 Dates for the SD section: 9/7-9/8 96424 AUTO 665S8 SS Sat/Sun 9:00-5:00 8-8203 Lindsey 1.0 Dates for the SS section: 12/7-12/8 AUTO 680SB CAREERS IN AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Transfer: CSU. W E E K D A Y 96309 AUTO 680SB AS F 1:30-3:20 10-0003 Johnson 1.0 Dates for AUTO 680SB: 8/16-10/4 AUTO 710 FUNDAMENTALS OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 846 or ESOL 400, or equiv- alent. E V E N I N G 92331 AUTO 710 JA MW 3:30-6:20 8-8203 Cresta 4.0 83194 AUTO 710 KA MW 6:30-9:20 8-8203 Hill 4.0 AUTO 711 AUTOMOTIVE ENTRY LEVEL TECHNICIAN – FUNDAMENTALS Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 846 or ESOL 400 or equivalent. W E E K D A Y 94764 AUTO 711 AA TTh 1:25-5:20 8-8103 Mani 8.0

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