Schedule of Classes | Fall 2019 | Skyline College

KINESIOLOGY – VARSITY SPORTS LEARNING SKILLS 75 2 0 19 F A L L www. s k y l i n e c o l l e g e . e d u VARS 300 WOMEN’S VARSITY BASKETBALL NOTE: For more information, please contact Women’s Basketball Coach Chris Watters at 650-738-4241 or [email protected] . Transfer: UC; CSU. E V E N I N G 95369 VARS 300 JX Daily 6:35-8:35 3-3200 Watters 1.5 Dates for VARS 300 JX: 10/1-12/16 VARS 340 WOMEN’S VARSITY VOLLEYBALL NOTE: For more information, please contact Women’s Volleyball Coach Encarnilo Mauricio at 650-738-4151 or [email protected] . Transfer: UC; CSU (E2). E V E N I N G 80826 VARS 340 JX Daily 4:00-6:15 3-3200 Mauricio 3.0 Dates for VARS 340 JX: 8/27-12/9 VARS 360 VARSITY WOMEN’S SOCCER NOTE: For more information, please contact Women’s Soccer Coach Kevin Corsiglia at 650-738-4214 or [email protected] . Transfer: UC; CSU (E2). W E E K D A Y 86706 VARS 360 AX Daily 2:00-4:15 Field Corsiglia 3.0 Dates for VARS 360 AX: 8/27-12/9 LEARNING COMMUNITIES (LEARNING COMMUNITIES are listed beginning on page 13.) LEARNING SKILLS (LSKL) Supplemental Instruction Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a voluntary academic assis- tance program that utilizes peer-led group study to help stu- dents succeed in traditionally difficult courses. SI sessions are led by Skyline College students who have previously com- pleted the course successfully and have received SI training. Supervised Peer Tutoring Free peer tutoring is available to students in a variety of sub- jects at the Learning Center. Students must be enrolled in LSKL 803 to receive tutoring. Interested in Becoming a Tutor? The first step to becoming a peer tutor in the Learning Center is to register for LSKL 110, the tutor training course. Students completing LSKL 110 will receive course credit and earn the first step toward a CRLA Level 1 tutor certificate. With your CRLA certificate you will be eligible to work in The Learning Center as a tutor, as the budget permits. LSKL 110 EFFECTIVE TUTORING AND PRACTICUM Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 100 or ENGL 105, or equiv- alent; and completion of MATH 120, or MATH 122 and MATH 123, or equivalent. Transfer: CSU. H Y B R I D 96629 LSKL 110 HS By Arr 8 Hours HYBRID Flores 1.0 T 1:10-3:10 5-5102 Flores LSKL 110 HS will be taught online and on campus. Students must have Internet access and an email address. On campus meetings on Tuesdays 9/3, 9/17, 10/1 and 10/15, from 1:10-3:10 pm, in Room 5102. Remainder of class is held online. Instructor email: [email protected] . Dates for LSKL 110 HY: 9/3-10/22 C L A S S E S

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