Las Positas College | Summer/Fall 2020 Class Schedule

106 FALL 2020 LAS POSITAS COLLEGE MATH COURSE PATHWAYS Starting Fall 2019 Math 40 UC/CSU 4 units Intro Probability and Statistics Math 33 UC/CSU 4 units Finite Mathematics Math 47 UC/CSU 3 units Math for Liberal Arts Optional Math 50 or NMAT 250 Intermediate Algebra for SLAM 2 , 4 units OR Math 55 or NMAT 255 Intermediate Algebra for BSTEM 1 , 5 units SUPPORT OPTIONS Math Jam Award winning & tuition-free! Offered week before the Fall and Spring semesters. Innova- tive learning interventions help you prepare for upcoming mathematic courses. Proven to increase student success and retention rates! Concurrent Support NEW! Jam all semester with RECOMMENDED support during the semester. Offered for credit or tuition-free (noncredit). Aligned with your math course and designed with innovative strategies to provide math and learning support. LIBERAL ARTS PATHWAY TO TRANSFER FOUNDATIONAL MATH Solidify your math understanding prior to Intermediate Algebra or transfer-level. We offer credit and tuition-free (noncredit) foundational and associate degree level math courses to meet your learning needs. Math 107 or NMAT 207 Prealgebra, 4 units Math 110 or NMAT 210 Elementary Algebra, 4 units CSU = Transferable to CSU UC = Transferable to UC Transfer limitations to UC are as follows: 1, 2, and 33, 34 combined: maximum credit, one series Associate Degree Level Math Courses SLAM Transfer Level Math Courses BSTEM Transfer Level Math Courses Foundational Math Courses 1 BSTEM = Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 2 SLAM = Statistics and Liberal Arts Mathematics Automotive and Welding Technical Pathway Technical Pathway to Associate’s Degree 7 unit sequence to complete in two semesters. Satisfies the mathematics requirement for an AS degree. Welding Certificate Pathway 4 unit sequence to complete in 1 or 2 semesters. Satisfies the mathematics requirement for a Welding Certificate. Offered only in Emporium Mode. Emporium classes are designed to provide maximum flexibility and support with contextualized material. Self-accelerate through the material at a pace that is right for you. To learn more, visit ASSOCIATE DEGREE PATHWAY * NMAT 250/255 students can petition to get credit by examination. OR OR Math 50 or NMAT 250 * Intermediate Algebra for SLAM 2 , 4 units OR Math 55 or NMAT 255 * Intermediate Algebra for BSTEM 1 , 5 units LIBERAL ARTS Courses Math 40, Math 47 or Math 33 Business & STEM Courses Math 30, Math 39 or Math 34 3 Math 30 & Math 39 can be taken in any order or together. Suggested order: Math 30 is taken first. Math 34 UC/ CSU Calculus for Business & Social Sciences, 5 units BUSINESS & STEM 1 SEQUENCE for TRANSFER Math 30 UC/CSU College Algebra STEM, 4 units Math 39 CSU Trigonometry, 4 units Optional Math 55 or NMAT 255 Intermediate Algebra for BSTEM 1 , 5 units AND 3 Math 3 UC/CSU Multivariable Calculus, 5 units Math 5 UC/CSU , 3.5 units Ordinary Differential Equations Math 2 UC/CSU Calculus II, 5 units Math 10 UC/CSU Discrete Mathematics, 4 units Math 7 UC/CSU Elementary Linear Algebra, 3.5 units Math 1 UC/CSU Calculus I, 5 units For more information about pathway and support options that are right for you, visit: Students can place in Math 1 via: 1. HSGPA ≥ 3.0 AND HS Pre- calculus/College Algebra, or 2. HS Calculus with A,B,C, or 3. Pass Math 30 and Math 39.

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