Las Positas College | Summer/Fall 2020 Class Schedule

108 ONLINE LEARNING GETTING STARTED WITH ONLINE COURSES WHAT IS AN ONLINE COURSE? An online course is a course that is conducted over the Internet. Las Positas College uses the Canvas course management system to deliver its online courses. Canvas allows students to communicate, collaborate, and complete coursework – all within a secure environment. ARE THERE OPTIONAL ORIENTATIONS? Yes. For Summer: Jun 10 from 12-1:30pm ONLINE Jun 11 from 1-2:30pm in Room 2410. For Fall: Aug 11 from 12-1:30pm ONLINE Aug 12 from 1-2:30pm in Room 2410. No registration needed. Orientations are not course-specific. See the LPC Online Learning website for more information. HOW DO ONLINE COURSES WORK? Class sessions, course materials, and exercises are accessible any time and any day convenient to you. All of your coursework, including discussions, groupwork, and writing assignments, is done electronically. Simply log into your course through a web browser, and you’re in class. Most of these classes are not self-paced, so you’ll be required to adhere to due dates for assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M READY TO TAKE ONE? Here are qualities that successful online students possess: • Independent learner • Self-motivated • Good time-management skills • Disciplined • Daily access to a computer with an Internet connection • Comfortable using a web browser and uploading/ downloading files to/from the Internet • Comfortable sending and opening attachments • Comfortable using word-processing programs If you don’t possess these qualities, you might want to take an on-campus course instead. If you are unsure about your qualities, contact a counselor. HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR MY FIRST ONLINE COURSE? If you are registered for an online course, you will be emailed information on how to self-enroll into an optional course called Quest for Online Success. If you feel more comfortable attending an orientation in person, come to campus for an optional orientation. WILL I HAVE A COLLEGE EMAIL ADDRESS? Yes. Your college email, or Zonemail, address will be the default used in Canvas. However, you can set up automatic forwarding in Zonemail to your private account, or you can change your default address in CLASS-Web. Go to the LPC Online Learning website to learn more about Zonemail. ARE ONLINE COURSES EASIER THAN ON- CAMPUS COURSES? No. Although they cover the same content, they require at least as much time as on-campus courses. Typically, successful students report spending more time, not less, in an online course. WHAT ARE THE TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS? Chrome is the preferred browser for Canvas. However, make sure you have multiple browsers installed because if something doesn’t work in one browser, it should work in the other. For other tech requirements, go to the LPC Online Learning web site. IS THERE ANY TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS? Yes. For Canvas support, you can fill out a web form, call, email, or walk into the Computer Center in Room 803 on campus for technical support. Computer Center hours are posted on the LPC Online Learning website, along with the aforementioned methods of communication. If you need assistance when the Computer Center is closed, you can call Canvas directly at 1-844-600-4956. IS THERE ANY ACADEMIC SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS? Yes. LPC offers online counseling and online tutoring for all LPC students. Information about online counseling and online tutoring is available on the LPC Online Learning website. IF I BEGIN THE COURSE LATE, CAN AN INSTRUCTOR DROP ME? Yes. The instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. The first meeting of online or hybrid Distance Education courses is the first day of the class as specified in the class schedule listing. For these courses, instructors may drop students who do not log into their Canvas course and/or complete indicated activities by the third day of classes. DE instructors may drop students if they have not submitted work and/or accessed the class for two consecutive weeks. Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Failure to follow the withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of “F” or “NP.” For Summer courses, DE instructors may drop students if they have not submitted work and/or accessed the class for one week. HOW DO I GET STARTED WITH AN ONLINE COURSE? Step 1: Register via CLASS-Web by going to 700. Step 2: On the first day of class, log into Canvas by following the instructions on the LPC Online Learning website at:

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