Las Positas College | Summer/Fall 2020 Class Schedule

11 Welcome to Las Positas College! As part of our shared commitment to your educational success, we offer a number of programs and services to help you reach your educational goals. Three important “Core Services” that are highly encouraged – and required for priority registration – are Orientation, Assessment, and the Student Educational Plan (SEP). Learn about each of these essential services below: CORE SERVICE 1: ORIENTATION To help with your transition to LPC, an online orientation is offered for all students, including new, first-time college students and returning to college after being gone for one or more years. Within the orientation, members of the LPC community will introduce you to the school’s programs, services, academic regulations, expectations, campus facilities, and student life. You will need your LPC student identification number that was assigned to you to complete the online orientation. Completion of the orientation is required to participate in priority registration at LPC. Visit to access the online orientation at the website. CORE SERVICE 2: ASSESSMENT In order to help determine the proper courses for you to begin your educational career at LPC, all students are encouraged to complete the Guided Self Placements for Math and English. The Assessment Center also offers placement-level evaluation for English as a Second Language, Chemistry and Foreign Language (Spanish and French) courses. No appointment is necessary! Completion of the Guided Self Placement for Math and English or assessment for English as a Second Language is required to participate in priority registration at LPC. Visit the LPC Home Page and search “Assessment” for the drop-in assessment schedule. If you have a documented disability and required accommodations, please contact the Assessment Center (925-424-1475) to schedule your appointment. CORE SERVICE 3: STUDENT EDUCATIONAL PLAN (SEP) After completing your assessment, you will have the opportunity to schedule an educational planning session with a counselor to review your assessment results, to learn about your educational/career options and develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for your first semester at LPC. Completion of the SEP is required to participate in priority registration to select courses for your first term. During your first semester of attendance, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to meet with a counselor to discuss your goals and develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP). The purpose of your SEP is to help plan the courses that are required to meet your educational goal(s). During your SEP appointment with a counselor, you will learn what courses you need, the overall time line to complete your goal, and the support services available to help your successfully achieve your goal(s). You may meet with a counselor in-person or online. Visit the LPC Home Page and search“Counseling” for counseling services offered, and available hours. To schedule a counseling appointment you may call (925) 424-1400 or visit the Counseling Office on the first floor of Building 1600. ORIENTATION, ASSESSMENT & STUDENT EDUCATIONAL PLAN TRACK YOUR PROGRESS WITH DEGREE WORKS LPC now offers a web-based tool to help you keep track of your educational progress! Degree Works (DW) allows you as a student to view your Student Educational Plan and confirm what courses you have completed, as well as what courses remain, toward meeting your educational objective(s). DW matches your academic and course history, as well as your current course schedule, against the degree requirements as defined in the LPC College Catalog.* Thinking about adding a major, or changing your goal? DW also gives you the opportunity to explore “What If Scenarios,” to determine how your courses meet requirements for programs other than your current declared major. Please meet with a counselor for questions about your educational goal or to change your Student Educational Plan. To access Degree Works, follow these steps: 1. Visit the LPC Home Page and login to CLASS-Web. 2. Once logged in, navigate to the Student Service tab. 3. Scroll down to locate the Degree Works link. *A degree audit created in Degree Works is not official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements. INTRODUCTION TO ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Las Positas College is authorized by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges to confer the Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science degree, and Certificate of Achievement upon students who complete the necessary requirements. Career certificates are not transcripted and provide industry-based professional development. The following is a listing of academic programs currently offered at Las Positas College.

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