Las Positas College | Summer/Fall 2020 Class Schedule

39 FALL 2020 HOW TO READ THE COURSE LISTINGS Explanation of Terms used in the Course Listings: COURSETYPES Day Indicates the course meets between 7am and 4pm Eve Indicates the course meets between 4pm and 10pm Sat Indicates the course meets on the weekend Web Indicates the course is an online, web-based course MEETING DAYS M / Mon = Monday T / Tue = Tuesday W / Wed = Wednesday Th / Thu = Thursday F / Fri = Friday S / Sat = Saturday S / Sun = Sunday Daily = Monday thru Friday ROOMS Refer to campus map on p. 133 for room and building locations ( * ) indicates a course is held off-campus (see p. 132 for a list of Off-Campus Instructional Sites) INSTRUCTORS Courses with a STAFF notation did not have an instructor assigned at the time this schedule was printed. Refer to CLASS-Web for most current information. DATES Full-term courses meet from Aug 17-Dec 18 Late Start courses meet from Sept 8-Dec 18 Fast Track courses meet from Aug 17-Oct 9 or Oct 12-Dec 11 NOTE: Start and end dates for a course affect deadlines such as add, drop, and census. See page 38 for instructions on how to find these dates for each course. GRADE OPTIONS GR Course must be taken for letter grade (no pass/no pass). OP Course may be taken for letter grade OR pass/no pass. P/NP Course must be taken for pass/no pass (no letter grade). SECTION NUMBERS 091 AJ Program 093 Regular Evening class (starts 4pm or later) 100 AJ Academy section AP1 Apprenticeship C01 Corequisite Paired Course CE1 Credit by Exam DE1 Fully Online FT1 Fast Track 1 FT2 Fast Track 2 FSA College Foundation HD1 Hybrid - 51% DE (course meets 51% or more online) HS1 High school (grant-funded) HY1 Hybrid - (course meets less than 51% online) LC1 ECD Learning Community LD1 Late Start - Hybrid 51% DE LE1 Late Start - Evening class LH1 Late Start - Hybrid LO1 Late Start - DE (fully online) LS1 Late Start - Day class M01 Math Jam N01 NonCredit - Day class N93 NonCredit - Evening class P01 Puente Program ST1 Alternate Instruction T01 Technical Math: Emporium Mode V01 Regular Day class VT1 Veteran Program VC1 Valley Charter WE1 Saturday class WLC Weekend ECD Learning Community X01 Math Emporium Mode UNITS Indicates unit value of each course. 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 7 ANTH 1 PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 3.0 UNITS Humans as a biological species through an examination of fossil evidence for human evolution, behavior of nonhuman primates, and human evolutionary biology and genetics. Current anthropological issues such as the biological meaning of race, genetic diseases, and the influence of evolution on human behavior. CAN ANTH 2 Day 20757 MW 12:30-1:45 2206 TARTE 08/17-12/20 OP V01 Eve 20978 Wed 7:00-9:50 2206 TARTE 08/17-12/20 OP 093 Sat 12752 Sat 7:30-10:20 2206 ADAMS 08/17-12/20 OP WE1 D/E CRN DAYS TIMES ROOM INSTR DATES CODES SEC COURSE TYPES: Indicates Day, Evening, Saturday, or Web class. Evening classes are shaded Web classes are in blue CRN: C ourse R egistration N umber needed to register for a specific class on CLASS-Web. DAYS: Indicates which days the course is offered. TIMES: Indicates the time of day or evening the class is held. NOTE: Course conflict/overlap: Students may not enroll in two classes that meet during any part of the same hour. ROOM: Indicates the ROOM NUMBER in which class is held. DATES: Indicates the START & END DATES in which class is offered INSTR: Indicates the INSTRUCTOR for the class. GRADE OPTIONS: Indicates whether the course may be taken as a: GR: letter grade only P/NP: pass/no pass OP: choice of either pass/no pass, or letter grade. SEC: Indicates the SECTION NUMBER Indicates UNIT VALUE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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