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117 510.723.6600 • CAMPUS SAFETY AND SECURITY MISSION STATEMENT The Chabot College Department of Campus Safety and Security, in partnership with the Hayward Police Department, is committed to providing a safe and secure learning and work environment for all members of the campus community and guests. We recognize our role as service providers and are dedicated to delivering consistent and quality service to diverse groups of people and individuals alike. WHERE TO FIND US The Chabot College Safety and Security Department public office is located in room #203 in building 200. This office is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. If the office is closed, the on- duty safety officer can be contacted by telephone in the following ways: • For emergencies, dial 911 from any phone • Activate any one of the Emergency Talk A Phone located throughout the campus. • Dial extension 6923 or 6666 from any college phone. • From any off-campus telephone dial (510) 723-6923. For incidents to report at the San Leandro Campus located at 1448 Williams St. San Leandro Ca. 94577 you can contact the San Leandro Police Department at (510) 577-3217, or contact the Chabot Campus Safety Department at 510 723-6923. HOURS OF OPERATION AND ACCESS TO COLLEGE FACILITIES The college’s normal hours of operation are printed on signs at every entrance to the campus. Normal hours of operation are 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday and 7 am to 5 pm on Saturday. There are typically special events that take place after the normal hours of operation. However, access is restricted to the special event(s). Individuals who need to be in campus buildings or areas outside the normal hours of operation may be required to obtain authorization from their supervisor and must notify the on-duty campus safety officer of their presence prior to entry. All students, faculty and staff have been issued ID cards, which they may be asked to produce if there is a question about their authorization to be in a specific area before, during, or after the normal hours of operation. Many college buildings, classrooms and labs are protected by intrusion alarms. Do not enter the area until an instructor or authorized person has deactivated the alarm. We are all responsible to ensure the safety and security of our college buildings and facilities. Ensure all doors and windows are locked when rooms are unattended. Turn off lights, gas, machinery, or equipment when not in use. Activate the intrusion alarm system if applicable. Report any problems with safety or security of our buildings, facilities, or areas promptly to the Campus Safety and Security Office. LOST AND FOUND A centralized Lost and Found is located in the Campus Safety Office in Room 203, Bldg. 200. Lost articles may be turned in or retrieved between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday. Articles deposited with the Lost and Found are held until the end of each semester. After this period, unclaimed items will be disposed of. WEAPONS ON CAMPUS Chabot College prohibits the use or possession of any weapons as defined below. A student may be arrested, expelled, suspended, placed on probation or given a lesser sanction for good cause and in accordance with procedures consistent with due process for violations of the weapons policy. The policy reads: “Knowing possession or use of explosives, dangerous chemicals or deadly weapons on college property or at a college function…..Deadly weapons includes any instrument or weapon of the kind commonly known as a blackjack, sling shot, Billy club, sand club, sandbag, metal knuckles, any dirk, dagger, switchblade knife, pistol, revolver, or any other firearm, any knife having a blade longer than five inches, any razor with an unguarded blade, any metal pipe or bar used or intended to be used as a club.” The policy can be found under the Chabot-Las Positas Administrative Rules and Procedures Manual section 5512(A)(9). DEPARTMENT OF SAFETY AND SECURITY Location: Building 200, Room 203 Office Hours: 6 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday; 8 am to 3 pm Saturday ON-DUTY OFFICER CONTACT Office Phone: 510.723.6923 Duty Officer Phone: 510.377.0173 Urgent Response: 510.723.6666 Activate one of the 26 emergency call boxes. For Emergencies: Dial 911 SAFETY PROGRAMS AND MEASURES Safe Ride Program The Department of Campus Safety and Security offers escorts to the campus community to and from the parking lots for safety related issues. To arrange to have an escort accompany you from your classroom or office to your vehicle, dial 6923 from any college phone, or activate a nearby emergency call box. An escort will be dispatched by radio to meet you at your location. See something, say something The Campus Safety and Security Department has placed posters throughout the entire college campus to highlight the “See Something, Say Something” campaign to raise public awareness, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the authorities. Book marks have also been made and Campus Safety Officers have handed them out to students and staff during routine patrols and Prevention Presentation. If you witness any suspicious behavior, we ask that you report it immediately to the Campus Safety Department at 510 723-6923. We also recommend that you program this number into your mobile phone for easy access in case of an emergency. Suspicious behavior or circumstances can include, but are certainly not limited to: • Anyone forcibly entering a car • Someone tampering with property • Strangers loitering or entering rooms, offices, or labs with no apparent legitimate cause • Someone carrying a weapon • Strange vehicles parked in your area • Any behavior that is out of character on a college campus • Packages left unattended • Suspicious or noxious odors Zero Tolerance Chabot College maintains a Zero Tolerance policy regarding all forms of sexual violence. If you, or anyone you know, becomes the victim of sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking, you may seek immediate help at the Campus Safety Office. The Department of Campus Safety and Security is committed to keeping the campus community informed about patterns, trends, or incidents that pose a threat or substantial risk to our community. Such information is typically published in special crime bulletins posted at the office of the Department of Campus Safety and Security or other campus media such as the campus newspaper, The Spectator. Safety through environmental design is yet another component of effective crime prevention. Our Maintenance and Operations Department works hard at keeping the campus grounds well groomed and adequately lit during darkness. The campus grounds and parking lots are lit at nightfall until 11 pm during normal days of operation. Emergency Talk A Phones and telephones are strategically located throughout the campus for your safety. Emergency Talk A Phone These Talk A Phones are outdoors in all the parking lots and various areas throughout the campus. (Refer to the campus map on the back cover for Emergency Talk A Phone locations.) Emergency Campus Telephones These telephones can be found in all of our elevators and buildings. The telephones are mounted to the wall. Pick up the phone and follow the printed directions. Elevator phones will dial directly to the Campus Safety and Security Office while other phones require you dial the Campus Safety and Security extension (6923 or 6666). Please familiarize yourself with the locations of the emergency phones in the areas you travel on campus.

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