Chabot College | Fall 2021 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Fall 2021 Class Schedule 12 510.723.6600 • REGISTRATION PROCEDURES COURSE POLICY The policy of this district is that, unless specifically exempted by statute or regulation, every course, course section, or class, reported for state aid, wherever offered and maintained by the district, shall be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college(s). ADDING CLASSES Students may attempt to add into open full-term classes during the registration period prior to the start of instruction. Follow the steps below to add a class: 1. Go to . 2. Login to CLASS-Web. 3. Select the Student Services tab. 4. Click the Registration link. 5. Click the Add/Drop Classes link. 6. Select the term and click the Submit button. 7. Enter the course registration number (CRN). 8. Click the Submit Changes button. Students who are on the Waitlist and wish to add should attend their first class. Instructors will issue add authorization numbers to students in order that they appear on the Waitlist. After Waitlist students have been accommodated and instruction has begun, other students may attempt to add into a class but they must do so via the instructor. Students who have received an add authorization number from the instructor may then add the class via CLASS-Web or The Zone. The student must add the class by the add due date. DROPPING CLASSES Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Failure to follow the withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of “F” or “NP.” Students who drop before the drop with No Grade of Record (NGR) due date will not have a grade appear on their transcript. Use CLASS-Web or The Zone to drop any classes. If a class is canceled or a drop occurs before the drop with NGR due date, the student may apply for a refund through the Admissions & Records Office. CLASS WITHDRAWAL Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Use CLASS-Web or The Zone to withdraw from classes prior to the “W” due date. “W” grades are subject to all fees and/or tuition. “W” grades do not affect students’ GPA. Excess “W” notations, however, may result in poor progress or dismissal status and may affect financial aid, athletic eligibility, veterans education benefits or priority registration. Note: Instructors have the option of dropping students who (a) do not attend either of the first two class meetings or (b) have excessive absences (four consecutive or six cumulative hours). Admissions & Records Office Phone: 510.723.6700 Location: Building 700, 1st Floor, Lobby Email: [email protected] Website: COMMON REGISTRATION ERROR MESSAGES EXCESS UNITS Students are eligible to take up to 18 units. If a student wishes to take more than 18 units he/she must consult with a Counselor. CLASS OVERLAP If a class overlaps with another class, the student must request a Class Overlap form at the Admissions & Records Office. The form must be completely filled out by the instructor and signed off by the Dean. The student must then return the completed form to the Admissions & Records Office ([email protected] edu). REPEAT LIMIT EXCEEDED The student must consult with the Counseling Division. (Refer to page 21 for more information.) PREREQUISITE NOT MET The student must consult with the Counseling Division. (Refer to page 21 for more information.) MAJOR RESTRICTION The specific class CRN you selected is designated for students in that special program (PACE, Puente, Umoja, etc.). Students who are not in a special program should either apply to the program or register for a different class section. CHECK CLASS DROP, PASS/NO PASS, & WITHDRAW DUE DATES 1. Log into CLASS-Web. 2. Select the Student Services tab. 3. Click the Registration link. 4. Click the Check class deadlines link. 5. Enter the CRN. California College Promise Grant Requirements (B.O.G Fee Waiver): Community colleges are required to place students on probation who, after attempting at least 12 semester units, either have a grade point average below 2.0 or receive a “withdrawal,” “incomplete,” or “no pass” mark on 50 percent or more of total attempted units. Students who are placed on probation for two consecutive semesters lose their priority registration status. Students will also lose their California College Promise Grant if they have been on college probation for two consecutive semesters. Those students who lose their California College Promise Grant can regain eligibility when they are no longer on probation. To appeal loss of California College Promise Grant, please visit the Counseling Division to complete the Loss of California College Promise Grant Appeal Petition.

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