Chabot College | Fall 2021 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Fall 2021 Class Schedule 21 510.723.6600 • COUNSELING SERVICES FOR REGISTRATION PREREQUISITES A prerequisite is defined as skills considered necessary for success in a course, which is usually demonstrated by completing one or more college courses. For instance, English 1 must be taken before English 4A; English 1, in this case, is the prerequisite for English 4A. COURSE PREREQUISITE POLICY Prerequisites are required prior to enrolling in some courses, and may be found within individual course descriptions in this class schedule and in the currrent Chabot College Catalog. Prerequisites include: 1. Courses in which specific skills have been validated by research as being necessary for success in a course. 2. Sequential course work in a degree-applicable program. 3. Courses in which a prerequisite is necessary for transfer to a four- year college. PREREQUISITE OVERRIDE (CLEARANCE) PROCESS Official transcripts are not automatically evaluated upon receipt by the Admissions &Records Office. If a student completed an equivalent course required as prerequisite for a Chabot course at another institution, they must submit a Prerequisite Override Request to Counseling Services at: Students are responsible for meeting prerequisite(s) wherever listed. Please note that Chabot College’s registration system, CLASS-Web, only recognizes prerequisites completed at Chabot College. REPEATING A COURSE The college recognizes that the most recent completion of a course should most accurately reflect a student’s academic progress; thus, students may repeat for credit those courses taken for which grades of “D,” “F,” or “NP” were received. Students will be limited to enrolling in the same non-repeatable credit classes a maximum of three times. This includes students who have earned a substandard grade (“D,” “F,” or “NP”) or who have dropped with a “W” (Title 5, Section 55042). Students attempting to enroll in the same course for a fourth timewill be blocked fromregistration. If youwish to petition to repeat a course for a fourth time, please complete the PetitiontoRepeataCourseform,whichyoucanfindonlineat: , or from a counselor. Studentsmay not repeat courses inwhich they received passing grades of “A,” “B,” “C,” or “P.” Upon receipt of appropriate documentation, the Dean of Counseling or designee may permit the repetition of courses for which a grade of “C” or better had been received under the following specific conditions: 1. When the student’s previous grade is, at least in part, the result of extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are veri- fied cases of accident, illness or other circumstances beyond the control of students. (Title 5, Section 55045) 2. When there has been a significant lapse of time since the student previously took the course and there is a college program or other institution of higher education that has a course recency require- ment that the student needs to meet. (Title 5, Section 55043) 3. When it is legally mandated that a student repeat a course in or- der to meet a training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment. (Title 5, Section 55000) 4. When a student on active or reserve duty in the U.S. Military re- ceived orders compelling withdrawal. Upon verification of orders, enrollment does not count in maximum number of enrollments nor withdrawals. (Title 5, Section 55024) When a student has repeated a course, the most recent grade points are applied to the student’s grade point average and academic progress standing on their Chabot College transcript. Students are advised that both the original and subsequent grade will remain on their transcript and that in transferring to other institutions, they may be held responsible for all units attempted. ACADEMIC AND PROGRESS PROBATION There are two types of probation: Academic and Progress. Students placed on probation may be required to meet with a counselor prior to registering for classes, to identify the challenges that led to that created the probation status, determine what actions are needed to resolve the problem, and to develop a course schedule for the upcoming semester. COUNSELING DIVISION Phone: 510.723.2642 Location: Building 700, 2nd Floor, Room 752 Email: [email protected] Website: For students whose official transcripts are not on file with Chabot Admissions and Records, counselors are able to clear prerequisites with unofficial transcripts showing completion of the prerequisite course with a grade of C or higher. PREREQUISITE OVERRIDE REQUESTS ONLINE DROP-IN From your Chabot Zonemail account (no requests will be accepted from personal email accounts), email your request to [email protected] . Please include all of the following: 1. Email subject line: Prerequisite Override 2. Body of the e-mail: First and last name; Chabot College student ID number (W number); your phone number; course(s) name & number you wish to add/enroll in (ex. Anatomy 1, Math 2) 3. Please either: a) state that official transcripts have been sent to Chabot Admissions & Records, OR b) scan/attach unofficial transcripts to the email request showing prerequisites completed for each applicable course. Unofficial transcripts must show your name and the college’s name. Prerequisite overrides by email may take up to 10 days to be processed. Note: If you are currently taking the prerequisite course, you will be required to provide a letter (on letterhead) from your instructor. The letter must include the following information: your name, course name and number, the grade your instructor expects you will receive, and the instructor’s contact number. PREREQUISITE OVERRIDE REQUESTS BY E-MAIL

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