Chabot College | Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Spring 2022 Class Schedule 14 510.723.6600 • FEES & REFUNDS FEE AMOUNT DESCRIPTION ENROLLMENT $46 per unit The enrollment fee for all students, except those exempt by law, is $46 per unit. NON-RESIDENT TUITION $315 per unit Non-residentsof Californiaarerequiredtopaya tui Ɵ on feeof $315perunit inaddi Ɵ ontotheenrollment feeandbasic fees. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT TUITION $315 per unit The tui Ɵ on fee for interna Ɵ onal students, nonimmigrant aliens or students on other types of visas is $315 per unit in addi Ɵ on to the enrollment fee and basic fees. HEALTH SERVICES $21 per semester The Associated Student Body adopted a mandatory health service fee of $21 (Fall and Spring) and $18 (Summer) assessed to students to support health services for enrolled students. STUDENT REPRESENTATION FEE $2 per semester Students are charged a fee of $2 per semester to support student advocacy activities at the state-wide level. To opt-out of this fee, student must complete the opt-out form by logging on to CLASS-Web and submi ƫ ng the form by February 6, 2021. ASSOCIATED STUDENTS ACTIVITY $10 per semester An op Ɵ onal fee of $10 will be assessed each semester. This fee is used to fund special events, ac Ɵ vi Ɵ es, student organiza Ɵ ons, and services. The Student Ac Ɵ vity Fee also supports student government through the Student Senate of Chabot College and the Inter Club Council in their advocacy for and serving as the voice of Chabot students in working with campus and local government. To opt-out of this fee, student must complete the opt-out form by logging on to CLASS-Web and submi ƫ ng the form by February 6, 2021. PARKING $3 daily $45 semester Parking at Chabot College is by permit only. Daily and semester permits are available. (See next page for more details.) (Note: Fees are subject to change without no Ɵ ce.) SPRING SEMESTER DROP FOR NON-PAYMENT DUE DATE Payment is due by December 9, 2021 for students who register for classes from November 9 to November 30, 2021 IMPORTANT: Students that register during this period may be dropped from their classes if payment is not received by the due date. Drop for non-payment will be processed on December 10, 2021 STUDENT FEE PAYMENT POLICY Fees must be paid in full by the scheduled payment due date or you may be dropped from your classes. Enrollment is condi Ɵ onal. The college reserves the right to cancel your registra Ɵ on. RETURNED CHECK POLICY According to California Civil Code Sec Ɵ on 1719, the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District will assess a service charge of $25 for the fi rst check passed on insu ffi cient funds and $35 for each subsequent check passed on insu ffi cient funds. COLLECTION POLICY Chabot-Las Positas Community College District may refer a student’s outstanding debt to a collec Ɵ on agency and/or the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for collec Ɵ on. Once referred, addi Ɵ onal fees may apply and credit ra Ɵ ng may be a ff ected. If debt is referred to the FTB, amounts owed may be deducted from a student’s state tax refund, California lo Ʃ ery prize, or unclaimed property. FEE PAYMENT METHODS ONLINE: Log into CLASS-Web or The Zone to pay your fees online using a credit card. Payment plans are available. (See next page.) MAIL: Send a check or money order for full payment to the Admissions & Records O ffi ce, 25555 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA 94545. Allow 1-2 weeks to process payments by mail. Do not send cash. CALIFORNIA NON ͳ RESIDENT TUITION EXEMPTION REQUEST Έ AB 540 Ή AB540/2000/SB68: Studentswhohave A) a Ʃ endeda combina Ɵ on of California high school, middle/elementary school, California adult school, or California community college for the equivalent of three years or more, AND B) have graduated from a California high school or equivalent (such as a GED), have an associate degree from a CA community college, or have met minimum CSU or UC transfer requirements may be eligible to have their non-resident tui Ɵ on waived by comple Ɵ ng the AB 540 a ffi davit and submi ƫ ng suppor Ɵ ng transcripts. For full eligibility criteria, visit our AB 540 page or contact the Dream Center . Addi Ɵ onal informa Ɵ on about AB 540: ffi davit.pdf ENROLLMENT REFUND POLICY Students may request a refund of enrollment fees as long as the student withdraws from the class during the fi rst two weeks of class for a regular term class, or by the 10% point of the length of a short-term class. Refunds are not automa Ɵ c . Requests for refunds must be fi led by June 30 for the academic year just ended. Credit balances do not carry over from one academic year to the next. A student who must withdraw for military purpose shall be refunded 100% fees paid, regardless of the date of withdrawal. In this case, requests for refunds made a Ō er the end of the academic year will be honored. APPLYING FOR YOUR REFUND To apply for an enrollment fee refund, submit an Applica Ɵ on for Refund of Fees form to the Admissions & Records O ffi ce. This form is available online at or from the Admissions & Records O ffi ce ([email protected]) ENROLLMENT FEE REFUND POLICY • No refunds will be given for classes dropped a Ō er the last day to drop with No Grade of Record (NGR). • A $10 processing fee will be subtracted from each enrollment fee refund. (Note: No processing fee will be charged if classes were canceled by the college.) • Health Services, Associated Students Ac Ɵ vity, and Student Representa Ɵ on Fees are not refundable. • Refund checks from the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Business O ffi ce will be sent by mail approximately 10 to 14 days a Ō er the request is submi Ʃ ed. • Non-resident and Interna Ɵ onal tui Ɵ on refunds will be given as follows: • Prior to the fi rst day of instruc Ɵ on = 90% • During the fi rst week of instruc Ɵ on = 75% • A Ō er NGR period for a session = No Refund

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