Chabot College | Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Spring 2022 Class Schedule 2 510.723.6600 • SPRING 2022 ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRATION APPLY FOR ADMISSION AND REGISTER ONLINE Apply online at: Check the email that you provided 48 - 72 hours a Ō er applying to receive your Student Iden Ɵ fi ca Ɵ on Number (W#) Complete the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) 3 Core Services ( see page 10 ) For SSSP assistance, visit: f i rst- Ɵ me-student.php Log into ClassWeb: h Ʃ p:/ / CHECK PRIORITY REGISTRATION DATE Priority Registra Ɵ on dates are based on comple Ɵ ng the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) 3 Core Services: Orienta Ɵ on, Assessment, and Educa Ɵ on Plan. Students who hold an Associate Degree or higher, or are only taking courses for personal enrichment or job skills, are exempt from needing the SSSP 3 Core Services. Visit the Assessment Center website for more informa Ɵ on: STUDENT GROUPS: COMPLETED 3 CORE SERVICES INCOMPLETE CORE SERVICES CalWORKs, EOPS, DSPS, Foster Youth, Homeless, Veterans November 9 November 18 Athletes, TRiO/Aspire, TRiO/Excel November 11 November 18 Con Ɵ nuing students (by priority) November 15 November 19 New students November 17 November 29 Returning (former) students November 17 November 29 On proba Ɵ on November 23 100+ DEGREE UNITS November 23 OPEN REGISTRATION FOR ALL STUDENTS November 29 (Matricula Ɵ ng students must complete the 3 Core Services) Concurrent Enrollment Applica Ɵ on due date for Concurrent Enrollment is December 3, 2021 ( see page 5 ). Drop for Non-Payment Due Date Payment is due by December 9, 2021 for students who register for classes between November 9 to November 30, 2021 . SPRING 2022 ACADEMIC CALENDAR January 17 HOLIDAY - Mar Ɵ n Luther King, Jr (no instruc Ɵ on) January 18 Classes Start (FULL-TERM CLASSES*) January 18 - February 6 Late enrollment for full-term classes – on a space available basis Register online through CLASS-Web with add authoriza Ɵ on number January 22 Saturday Classes Begin February 6 Last day to ADD/DROP with No-Grade-of-Record (NGR) Online (FULL-TERM classes ONLY) February 7 Census Day (FULL-TERM classes ONLY) February 18 - February 21 HOLIDAY- President’s Weekend (no instruc Ɵ on) February 23 Pass/No Pass Deadline (FULL-TERM classes ONLY) April 1 Last day to Apply for Degree/Cer Ɵ fi cate April 2 Saturday Classes meet April 4 - April 9 SPRING BREAK (no instruc Ɵ on/no Saturday classes) April 17 Last day to WITHDRAW with “W” Online (FULL-TERM classes ONLY) May 14 Last day of Instruc Ɵ on for Saturday Classes May 20 Last day of Instruc Ɵ on (Full-term courses) May 21 Final Exams (Saturday Classes) May 23 - May 27 Final Examina Ɵ on Period May 27 Commencement/Gradua Ɵ on May 30 HOLIDAY - Memorial Day June 3, 2022 Instructors: Spring 2022 Grades DUE by 11:00 PM via CLASS-Web Week of June 13th, 2022 Spring 2022 Grades available via CLASS-Web To check due dates for spring short-term/late start classes, log into CLASS-Web: • Click the Registra Ɵ on link under Student Services tab. • Click the Check class deadlines link and enter CRN#. DUE DATES FOR SPRING SHORT-TERM/LATE START CLASSES

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