Chabot College | Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Spring 2022 Class Schedule 23 510.723.6600 • SPECIAL PROGRAMS & SERVICES ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM Ɵ on 510.723.7533 The Adult Educa Ɵ on Program at Chabot College, in collabora Ɵ on with local adult schools and Las Positas Community College, provides assistance and transi Ɵ onal support for adult learners looking to advance their academic and/or career pursuits. ASPIRE PROGRAM 510.723.7547 The ASPIRE Program o ff ers low-income, fi rst genera Ɵ on, and disabled students academic support: individualized academic, fi nancial, and personal counseling; career explora Ɵ on; and cultural enrichment ac Ɵ vi Ɵ es. The program also o ff ers mul Ɵ - Ɵ ered academic support, including clustered courses, tutoring, and study groups. BLACK CULTURAL RESOURCE CENTER Έ BCRC Ή 510.545.3255 The Chabot College BCRC is a collabora Ɵ ve space designed by students, for students. The BCRC is intended to support the needs of our students who iden Ɵ fy as Black, African American, Afro-La Ɵ nx, and all other students of the African diaspora. We aim to engage the rest of the campus in learning about the African diaspora, and cultures connected to the diaspora. The BCRC provides services such as mental health counseling, academic and career counseling, a computer lab, and a lending library. The BCRC also hosts cultural events and workshops that provide insight into diverse topics and mo Ɵ vate students to explore new areas of interests. Come visit us! We are loca Ɵ on in the library in room 136. C ƒ½ WORK Ý PROGRAM 510.723.6985 The CalWORKs program o ff ers educa Ɵ on, job training and job placement through work study to CalWORKs/ TANF county recipients. Students can ful fi ll their welfare to work ac Ɵ vity hours on campus while also receiving childcare, transporta Ɵ on and book/school supplies. The program provides counseling, career planning and personal development workshops. Work study students can work a maximum of 20 hours/ week without a ff ec Ɵ ng their county assistance. CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGES EDUCATION THAT WORKS! CalWORKs CARE PROGRAM Έ COOPERATIVE AGENCIES RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION Ή 510.723.6909 The CARE program is an EOPS supplemental program that assists single parents with addi Ɵ onal support. The mission of CARE is to support the unique needs of single parents by promo Ɵ ng self-su ffi ciency and academic success. CARE o ff ers counseling, childcare grants, workshops, and meal Ɵ ckets. DREAM CENTER 510.723.6957 The Dream Center is a safe and con fi den Ɵ al space for undocumented students and their allies providing specialized counseling, fi nancial aid informa Ɵ on, legal services and workshops, scholarship informa Ɵ on, and a laptop lending library. The Dream Center is located inside El Centro, in Building 700 South.

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