Chabot College | Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Spring 2022 Class Schedule 29 510.723.6600 • Chabot College • Spring 2021 Class Schedule 28 510.723.6600 • DegreeWorks helps you answer the following questions... What if I want to change my major? How can I track my degree and certificate progress? If I decide to take these classes, am I closer to graduation? How can I view my student educational plan (SEP) online? Have you heard about DegreeWorks ? Want to learn more about DegreeWorks? For step-by-step instructions on how to u T e DegreeWorks and answers to frequently asked questions, visit Start using it today! It will transform the way you manage your educational goals! 8JUI %FHSFF8PSLT * DBO TFF FYBDUMZ XIBU *hN NJTTJOH BOE XIBU DPVSTFT * OFFE UP UBLF 5IFO XIFO * DMJDL PO UIF DPVSTF JU UBLFT NF SJHIU UP BMM UIF DMBTTFT BWBJMBCMF #FTU MJOL *hWF GPVOE JO $-"44 8FC _+FBOOJF $

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