Chabot College | Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Spring 2022 Class Schedule 6 510.723.6600 • FINANCIAL AID FINANCIAL AID For the most current and accurate informa Ɵ on, policies, procedures, dates and due dates : fi naid Need money for college? Plant the seeds for a successful future by comple Ɵ ng your 2021-2022 fi nancial aid applica Ɵ on online. 1. It’s Free Doesn’t cost you anything. Go to or to start. 2. It’s easy The FAFSA applica Ɵ on has been simpli fi ed by using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) for 2019 tax income. 3. It’s fast It takes most people just 23 minutes to complete. 4. More people qualify… for student aid than you think. For more informa Ɵ on, visit: www. icana f f & WHAT IS FINANCIAL AID? Financial aid is money provided by the Federal Government, the State of California, and administered by Chabot College to help cover costs associated with a Ʃ ending college at Chabot. Students at Chabot may be considered for California Promise Grant (Fee Waiver), federal/state grants, scholarship, Federal Work Study, and Direct Student Loans. HOW TO APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID? Each year, beginning October 1st, each student completes the Free Applica Ɵ on for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or CA DreamAct Applica Ɵ on online. The FAFSA is submi Ʃ ed electronically to the US Department of Educa Ɵ on, and the CA Dream Act Applica Ɵ on is submi Ʃ ed to the California Student Aid Commission, not to the Financial Aid O ffi ce (FAO). Use Chabot’s school code of 001162 so that Chabot will receive the results electronically from the federal or state processor. Students and parents use tax and income informa Ɵ on from two years prior. (2019 for 2021-22 applica Ɵ on) Students (and parents) are expected to use IRS Data Retrieval Tool to securely and fi ling accurately transfer IRS tax informa Ɵ on to the FAFSA. Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool increases the accuracy of fi nancial aid awards and reduces the amount of documents required during veri fi ca Ɵ on with the Financial Aid O ffi ce. See page 8 for important changes to applica Ɵ on cycle. Applying early and accurately helps us process your fi le faster. If you miss the priority date of March 2nd, you can submit an applica Ɵ on at a later date. However, your eligibility for aid may not be determined in Ɵ me for ini Ɵ al semester disbursements, and you will be responsible for purchasing your own books and materials. We must receive your applica Ɵ on before the last date of enrollment in a semester, or by due dates posted on our website. I’VE APPLIED - NOWWHAT? Once Chabot receives applica Ɵ on, student visits CLASS-Web to obtain required follow up forms through provided links. • Students selected must either verify using the IRS Data Retrieval op Ɵ on from the FAFSA, or submit IRS Tax Transcripts for self/ spouse and/or parents. • You must provide a photo ID each Ɵ me you visit our o ffi ce in person or online. • The FAO will not make copies of tax transcripts or other documents. Please bring copies (not your originals) to our o ffi ce when responding to requests for documents. • Be prepared for 2-4 weeks for processing during our peak Ɵ me (typically May-September, December-January). • Students who complete the veri fi ca Ɵ on process earliest each year will be considered for limited FWS and SEOG funds. • Priority date to submit veri fi ca Ɵ on for fi rst Fall disbursement (and last Summer disbursement) is July 1 each year. Documents submi Ʃ ed a Ō er July 1 will be processed by date received and eligible students may not receive a disbursement un Ɵ l later in the semester; student will need to make alternate arrangements to purchase books and complete the semester successfully. • Students may be required to provide o ffi cial (unopened) academic transcripts from every college a Ʃ ended prior to Chabot. • Please review processing details linked on website. Once you have submi Ʃ ed all requested documents, your fi le will be reviewed and awarded as appropriate in the order paperwork is received (allow 2-4 weeks), and addi Ɵ onal informa Ɵ on or documenta Ɵ on may be requested. Disbursement of fi nancial aid will occur only when student’s fi nancial aid fi le is complete, both fi nancial and academic eligibility has been determined, student is admi Ʃ ed to Chabot and enrolled in eligible program of study, and class has begun. If you respond to us quickly and are eligible for fi nancial aid, you will be able to receive your fi nancial aid award during fi rst disbursements each semester. GET OUT OF LINE, GO ONLINE Use CLASS-Web for general fi nancial aid informa Ɵ on, and to check status of individual student fi nancial aid fi le, awards and eligibility. See what documents are needed to process your fi le, holds, your eligibility for fi nancial aid, academic progress status, and award types with amounts. Use your Chabot PIN to access CLASS-Web. If you do not plan to a Ʃ end Chabot during this academic year, please contact us in wri Ɵ ng to cancel your fi nancial aid applica Ɵ on and further communica Ɵ on from our o ffi ce. FRAUD AND ABUSE The Chabot Financial Aid O ffi ce (FAO) has ul Ɵ mate responsibility in awarding and disbursement of fi nancial aid funds. In the event there are concerns about the accuracy or truthfulness about informa Ɵ on or documents provided, the FAO will not award or disburse aid. If it is determined that student has a Ʃ empted to or received fi nancial aid by providing false or misleading informa Ɵ on, failure to formally withdraw when no longer a Ʃ ending classes, or otherwise manipula Ɵ ng eligibility criteria in an a Ʃ empt to receive fi nancial aid, all funds received must be repaid. The student will be referred for disciplinary ac Ɵ on and to the U.S. Department of Educa Ɵ on, O ffi ce of Inspector General Inves Ɵ ga Ɵ on Services for possible prosecu Ɵ on for fraud. FINANCIAL AID OFFICE Phone: 510.723.6748 Loca Ɵ on: Building 700, 1st Floor, Lobby Email: cc- f i [email protected] Website: f i naid School Code: 001162

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