Chabot College | Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Chabot College • Spring 2022 Class Schedule 8 510.723.6600 • FINANCIAL AID NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Use Earlier Income Informa Ɵ on: Students and parents will report income informa Ɵ on from an earlier tax year. For the 2021-22 FAFSA/ CA Dream App, students, spouse and/or parents report their 2019 income informa Ɵ on. Use 2020 income tax info to complete your 2022-23 FAFSA or CA Dream App. Are you, or were you, a Foster Youth ? Have you applied for considera Ɵ on of the Chafee Grant , for up to $5,000 per year ? Check in with the Financial Aid O ffi ce. And do you know about the Guardian Scholars Program on campus? See Special Programs for more info. • You may not have to submit any documenta Ɵ on if you were not selected for veri fi ca Ɵ on. • Students must ACCEPT the Terms and Condi Ɵ ons on CLASS-Web prior to any fi nancial aid disbursement. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW Students receive all email no Ɵ fi ca Ɵ ons via their ZoneMail email address, direc Ɵ ng to check CLASS-Web for missing informa Ɵ on, required veri fi ca Ɵ on documents, awards and adjustments to awards, and academic ineligibility. The Financial Aid O ffi ce will only respond to school issued ZoneMail regarding Financial Aid. ( Your ZoneMail can be forwarded to your personal email address by following instruc Ɵ ons online. ) SAP (Sa Ɵ sfactory Academic Progress) - Academic eligibility is based on the student’s academic performance: cumula Ɵ ve minimum 2.0 grade point average and 67% comple Ɵ on rate, and up to 150% of your program length in a Ʃ empted hours, which may include units from prior colleges. Pell Life Ɵ me Eligibility Used (LEU) Federal regula Ɵ ons limit students to a life Ɵ me maximum Pell Grant of 12 semesters / six years or full Ɵ me equivalent (600%) at any community college, voca Ɵ onal school or four year/bachelor program. Once you reach the 600% Pell LEU, you will be ineligible for any addi Ɵ onal Pell Grants. Log into NSLDS using your FAFSA ID and view your LEU, on the Financial Aid Review page. What this means for you: You must plan now for your future, especially if you plan to transfer to a four year college for a Bachelor’s degree. The six year limit is a life Ɵ me limit, regardless of comple Ɵ on of your academic goals or Bachelor’s degree. This regula Ɵ on is in e ff ect even if you have had an appeal approved a Ō er failure to meet academic progress, it supersedes any prior o ff er of aid/award, and the Department of Educa Ɵ on allows for no appeal or excep Ɵ on. If you do not wish to receive any addi Ɵ onal Pell Grant at Chabot, complete the Life Ɵ me Pell Eligibility Acknowledgement form, found online at f i naid . Loss of Fee Waiver - Community colleges are required to place students on college academic proba Ɵ on who, a Ō er a Ʃ emp Ɵ ng at least 12 semester units, either have a grade point average below 2.0 or receive a “Withdrawal,” “Incomplete,” or “No Pass” grade on 50 percent or more of total a Ʃ empted units. Students placed on proba Ɵ on for two consecu Ɵ ve semesters lose their priority registra Ɵ on status and their fee waiver. Those students who lose their fee waiver can regain eligibility when they are no longer on proba Ɵ on. Part Time Enrollment / Disbursements - Student aid awards are displayed assuming full Ɵ me enrollment. A student may be eligible for aid if enrolled part Ɵ me, and disbursements are prorated for actual enrollment. A student must be enrolled at least half- Ɵ me to be considered for student loans, FWS, SEOG, and Cal Grant. 2nd Disbursement - Enrollment will be frozen at the Ɵ me of the 2nd major disbursement each semester, and 2nd disbursement amounts will be adjusted for changes in enrollment. Per federal regula Ɵ on, no addi Ɵ onal disbursement will occur for units registered for a Ō er this date. Late Start Classes - Disbursement for late start classes will occur the next scheduled disbursement following the start of class. A student must be registered for those units prior to the scheduled 2nd disbursement. Loans - Loans are not automa Ɵ cally included in the packaging process, and applica Ɵ ons are available only upon request at the Financial Aid O ffi ce. The lender for the Direct Loan Program is the Department of Educa Ɵ on, and loans are limited based on mul Ɵ ple academic criteria and accumulated loan debt. Required loan counseling and master promissory notes are completed by the student online. Students lose eligibility for subsidized loans once they have reached 150% of their program length. Any student will become responsible for all interest on prior subsidized loans, if they did not complete the program of study for which they received the loan funding within 150% of their program length, regardless if applying for addi Ɵ onal loan funds. Prior school academics and loan history will be considered by the Department of Educa Ɵ on, who makes determina Ɵ on.

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