East Side Adult | Spring 2022 | Schedule of Classes

12 East Side Adult Education - Fall 2021 Career Education EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS/WORK READINESS The class will cover reading and locating information, interview and communication skills, and calculating percentage discounts and markups. This will prepare students for a work readiness or softskills credential of their choice. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®), WinLearning Ready-to-Work, and Soft Skills Credentials are industryrecognized, portable, researchedbase credentials that certify essential skills needed for workplace success. Students also work on career development projects and use WINLearning’s online employability training tutorials. Online License required MEDICAL ASSISTANT FUNDAMENTALS In theMedical Assistant Fundamentals course, students learn the five steps of the nursing process, basic anatomy and physiology, how to interact with patients and team members, problem-solving techniques, stress management, and verbal and nonverbal communication techniques. The online resources for the class are user-friendly, even for first-timers. The lessons will familiarize you with medical terms and forms commonly used in a medical office. Students taking this course will greatly enhance their employment value. All students are encouraged to enroll in the fundamentals class at the same time as one of the medical courses listed below. Online License required MEDICAL OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES A or B Students, if you are interested in working towards a career in the medical field, this course is for you! This course will provide an overview of the nature, organization, and function of healthcare administrative services. Students have the opportunity to learn the practical application of leadership, communication, team building, decision-making, problem solving, as well as conflict resolution and negotiation. Students also have the opportunity to experience volunteer work in the field. This course has opened the doors for many students, who are now employed at Regional Hospital, Foothill Community Health Center, dental offices, and more. Take advantage of this great opportunity. Date Day Time Site Rm 1/5-5/18 MW 2:00-4:00pm IAC 301 CAREER EDUCATION Date Day Time Site Rm 1/10-5/16 M 8:50-12:00pm IAC 301 1/10-5/16 M 6:00-9:10pm IAC 301 Date Day Time Site Rm 1/5-5/18 MW 4:00-6:00pm IAC 301

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