East Side Adult | Spring 2022 | Schedule of Classes

6 East Side Adult Education - Fall 2021 GED Remote Learning: This class is designed for those students who do not have the ability to attend a physical classroom environment on a regular basis, due to work schedule, family obligations, or health issues. The student works at his/her own pace with the guidance of an online instructor. To get your GED certification, you will need to pass four tests with a score no lower than 145 points for each subject. HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY TEST PREPARATION High School Equivalency Test Preparation Program is “self-paced” and “self– contained.” Class is open-entry/open-exit throughout the semester. Students must be 18 years or older. Each student has an individualized educational plan to complete his/her personal requirements. PROGRAMA DE GED/HISET EN ESPAÑOL Los cursos gratuitos de GED/HiSET son personalizados e incluyen instrucción integrada. Las clases son de inscripción abierta; los estudiantes pueden comenzar a tomar clases en cualquier momento durante el semestre. Los estudiantes deben tener 18 años de edad o más. Cada estudiante tiene un plan educativo individualizado para completar los requerimientos necesarios para obtener el certificado de GED o HiSET. Las clases se ofrecen en el Independence Adult Center. Los estudiantes pueden asistir a alguna o todas las sesiones ofrecidas. High School Diploma GED AND HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY GED/HISET TEST PREP CLASS SCHEDULE Date Day Time Site Room 1/5/22 - 5/18/22 MWF 8:50am-12:00pm IAC 401 1/5/22 - 5/18/22 MW 6:00pm-9:10pm IAC 401 1/4/22 - 5/19/22 TTh 6:00-9:10pm IAC 401 We are a GED and HiSet Testing Center! GED SPANISH TEST PREP CLASS SCHEDULE Date Day Time Site Room 1/5/22 - 5/18/22 TTh 6:00-9:10pm IAC 104 PRE-GED TEST PREPARATION Date Day Time Site Room 1/4/22 - 5/19/22 TTh 8:50am-12:00pm IAC 407 1/5/22 - 5/18/22 MW 6:00pm-9;10pm IAC 407 Date Day Time Site 1/4/22 - 5/19/22 TTh 8:50am-12:00pm Zoom 1/4/22 - 5/19/22 TTh 12:30-3:40pm Zoom

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