Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

11 ENROLLMENT POLICIES & PROCEDURES OPEN COURSE POLICY In accordance with District Policy, all classes are open to enrollment and participation by any person who meets the academic prerequisites of the class and who is otherwise eligible for admission to Las Positas College. CLOSED AND CANCELLED CLASSES Any class may be closed to further registration when it reaches the maximum size. Additionally, if registration is insufficient in any class, it may be cancelled. DROPPING CLASSES (“NGR”) AND CLASS WITHDRAWAL (“EW”, “W”) Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Failure to follow the withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of “F” or “NP”. (“NGR”) No Grade of Record Students who drop before the NGR (No Grade of Record) deadline date will not have a notation/grade appear on their academic record. Students may apply for a refund through the Admissions and Records Office. For course cancellations, students may be eligible for a refund. (“EW”) ExcusedWithdrawal Excused Withdrawal occurs when a student is permitted to withdraw from a course(s) due to specific events beyond the control of the student affecting his or her ability to complete a course(s). Upon consultation with the course faculty and verification of these conditions or reviewing documentation substantiating the condition, an excused withdrawal symbol may be assigned “EW.” The “EW” shall not be counted in progress probation and dismissal calculations. (“W”) Withdrawal Class withdrawals that occur after the NGR drop period and prior to the “W” (Withdrawal) deadline date will result in a “W” notation on the student’s academic record. Students are subject to all course fees and/or tuition. “W” grades do not affect the student’s grade point average (GPA). However, excessive“W”notations may result in poor progress or dismissal status and may affect financial aid, athletic eligibility, and/or priority registration. Note: Instructors have the option of dropping students who: (a) do not attend either of the first two class meetings; or (b) have excessive absences of four consecutive or six cumulative hours. REPEATING A COURSE California regulations specify the circumstances under which a student may repeat a course per CA Ed Code §55040 - §55045. PROCEDURES FOR COURSE REPETITION A “Petition to Repeat a Course” request may be submitted to the Dean of Student Services or designee for consideration when the student has been blocked due to exceeding the limit of 3 attempts. This petition is required for approval of repetitions beyond the limits noted in California regulations. An unofficial transcript and personal statement is required and should be attached to the Petition to Repeat a Course form. Students are advised that both the original and subsequent grade will remain on their transcript and that in transferring to another institution, they may be held responsible for all units attempted. Please refer to the College Catalog for detailed information regarding course repetition policies and procedures. COURSE PREREQUISITES A prerequisite is a requirement that must be completed prior to the registration of a course. “Prerequisite” refers to the preparation or previous course work considered necessary for success in the course. The college requires students to complete prerequisites as pre-enrollment preparation. Prerequisites, which are listed in the College Catalog, include: 1. Courses for which specific prerequisites have been validated. 2. Sequential course work in a degree-applicable program. 3. Courses in which a prerequisite is necessary for transfer to a four-year college. PREREQUISITE OVERRIDE POLICY Official transcripts are not evaluated upon receipt by the Admissions and Records Office. If a student completed an equivalent course at another institution, s/he must submit a Prerequisite Override Request to the Counseling Department. Visit the Counseling website at: for more information regarding how to meet with a counselor.

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