Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

14 2022-2023 Degrees and Cer�ficates Associate of Arts (AA) Associate of Science (AS) Associate in Arts for Transfer (AAT) Associate in Science for Transfer (AST) CA Cer�ficate of Achievement § Cer�ficate of Accomplishment - not transcripted CP Cer�ficate of Competency - noncredit CL Cer�ficate of Comple�on - noncredit Administra� on of Jus�ce 21st Century Policing Cer�ficate of Achievement* CA Administra� on of Jus�ce* AA AS-T Anthropology Anthropology AA-T Appren�ceship Informa�on Security Analyst Informa�on Security Analyst* AS CA Appren�ceship Ironworkers Advanced Shop Ironworkers Appren�ceship* CA Basic Shop Ironworkers Appren�ceship* CA Elementary Shop Ironworkers Appren�ceship* CA Intermediate Shop Ironworkers Appren�ceship* CA Shop Ironworkers Appren�ceship* AS Appren�ceship Marine Technology Marine Technology Boa�ng 101* CA Marine Technology Yach�ng 101* CA Appren�ceship Reddaway Truck Driving Reddaway Truck Driving* CA Reddaway Truck Driving Academy Appren�ceship* CA Art Art: Emphasis in Pain�ng AA Studio Arts AA-T Art History Art History AA-T Automo�ve Technology Automo�ve Advanced Smog Technician* CL Automo�ve Alterna�ve Fuels/Hybrid Technology* AS CA Automo�ve Basics* CL Automo�ve Chassis* CA CL Automo�ve Drivability* CA Automo�ve Electronics Technology* AS Automo�ve Light Duty Diesel* AS CA Automo�ve Master* AS CA Automo�ve Mechanical* CA CL Automo�ve Smog* CL Automo�ve Smog Technician* AS CA Automo�ve Summer Camp* CL Concepts of Automo�ve Body Systems* CL Concepts of Automo�ve Chassis* CL Concepts of Automo�ve Know How* CL Concepts of Automo�ve Mechanical* CL Concepts of Automo�ve Powertrain* CL Avia� on Drone Photography, Mapping, and Pilo�ng CL Biological Sciences Biology AA AS-T Biology: Allied Health AA Biology UC Pathway AS CA Computa�onal Biology* AA CA Business Accoun�ng Technician* CA Bookkeeping* CA Business* AS Business Administra�on* AA Business Administra�on 2.0* AS-T Business Entrepreneurship* AA CA Business Workforce Proficiency* CA Customer Service* CL Retail Management (WAFC)* CA Small Business Management* CL Supervisory Management* CA Chemistry Chemistry AS Chemistry Educa� on AS Communica�on Studies Communica�on Studies AA-T Computer Informa�on Systems Administra�ve Assistant* AA CA Administra�ve Medical Assistant* CA Cloud Compu�ng* CA Computer Applica� ons So�ware* CA Computer Informa�on Systems* AA Computer Informa�on Technologist* AS Data Analy�cs* CA Project Management* CA Web Development* CA Computer Networking Technology Cybersecurity and Network Administra�on* AS Cybersecurity Professional* CA IT Support Professional* CA Network Support Professional* CA Computer Science Ar�ficial Intelligence* CA Computer Programming* CA Computer Programming for the Web* CA Computer Science AS Management Informa�on Systems* CA Red Hat Administra�on* CA Early Care and Educa� on Associate Teacher* CA Child and Adolescent Development* AA-T Early Childhood Development* AA CA Early Childhood Educa�on* AS-T Early Childhood Interven�on* AA Early Childhood Interven�on Assistant* CA Elementary Teacher Educa�on* AA-T Economics Economics AA-T Emergency Medical Services Emergency Medical Services EMT-Paramedic* AS CA Emergency Medical Technologies* CA Emergency Medical Responder* § Engineering Civil/Mechanical Engineering AS CA Electrical Engineering AS CA Electrical Engineering UC Pathway AS CA Engineering AS CA Engineering Technology* AS CA Mechanical Engineering UC Pathway AS CA So�ware Engineering AS CA English Crea�ve Wri�ng CA *Career Technical Educa�on (CTE) - occupa�onal programs designed for job entry; some courses are transferable to 4-year ins� tu� ons

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