Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

18 SUMMER 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] SUMMER 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS SUMMER 2022 Course Listings STAFF NOTATION As courses are assigned to instructors, the updates will be posted on CLASS-Web and The ZONE. SUMMER SESSION DATES 1st 5-week session................. May 31 - June 30 8-week session....................... June 13 - August 4 6-week session....................... June 20 - July 28 2nd 5-week session................ July 5 - August 4 NOTE: Start and end dates for a course affect deadlines such as add, drop, and census. See purple box below for instructions on how to find these dates for each course. UNITS Indicates unit value of each course. NON-CREDIT classes are noted in GREEN -Courses are open to all students who meet the academic requirements. -All course information is subject to change. -Courses not meeting enrollment requirements may be cancelled. Important Enrollment Information Please pay close attention to course deadline dates These dates may vary for courses based on the start and end date of the summer session (i.e. 5 week, 6 week, 8 week sessions). Complete the following steps to check the deadline dates to add a course, drop with NGR (no-grade-of-record), get a refund, pass/no pass and withdrawal: How to Check for Add, Drop NGR, Refund, Pass/No Pass and Withdrawal deadlines: 1. Log into CLASS-Web 2. Select the “Student Services” tab 3. Click the “Registration” link 4. Click the “Check Class Deadlines” link 5. Enter the CRN SECTION NUMBERS D0_ = On-Campus Day Course E0_ = On-Campus Evening Course A0_ = Asynchronous (online only) S0_ = Synchronous (online only) B0_ = Both - (combination of Synchronous -and- Asynchronous Online) H0_ = Hybrid - (Asynchronous -or- Synchronous Online, with Face-to-Face Components) HF_ = HyFLEX (on-campus -or- optional online) AP_ = Apprenticeship C0_ = Corequisite Paired Course CE_ = Credit by Exam FC_ = Federal Corrections FSA = College Foundation HS_ = High school (grant-funded) LC_ = ECD Learning Community M0_ = Math Jam P0_ = Puente Program ST_ = Alternate Instruction T0_ = Technical Math: Emporium Mode U0_ = Umoja Program VT_ = Veteran Program WLC = Weekend ECD Learning Community X0_ = Math Emporium Mode MEETING DAYS M/Mon = Monday T/Tue = Tuesday W/Wed = Wednesday R/Th/Thu = Thursday F/Fri = Friday S/Sat = Saturday Daily = Monday thru Friday ROOMS Refer to campus map on Page 111 for room and building locations. ( * ) indicates a course is held off-campus Courses, dates, and times are subject to change. Please check the college website at for the most up-to-date information regarding Summer course of ferings. All registration notices, Financial Aid, and general College information will be sent to your ZONEmail Account. Check it regularly. Explanat ion of Terms used in the Cour se Li s t ings on CLASS -Web

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