Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

27 SUMMER 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] SUMMER 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. weather conditions. The physiological and psychological aspects of competitive activity is presented. Training regimens and performances will be documented in logs for assessment and training adjustments. Nutritional and treatment of typical chronic orthopedic injuries will be discussed. Extracurricular and off campus events will be encouraged. Strongly Recommended: KIN FJW2 with a minimum grade of C KIN FJW4 FITNESS JOGWALK 4 1.0 Units This is a progressive continuation course to Fitness Jog Walk 3. This course focuses onwalking and/or jogging to enhance one’s cardiovascular fitness, body composition, and overall general health. This course is ideal for the general population to begin or continue a lifetime of exercise. Walking/Jogging techniques, training intensity assessment, methods for improvement and personal programs will be provided during the course. With consistent practice and implementing sound fitness principles provided by this course, one will benefit from participation. Proper jog/walk technique, progressive training programs, nutrition, hydration, and injury prevention will be addressed. Strongly Recommended: KIN FJW3 with a minimum grade of C KINESIOLOGY - INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS - KIN 38A PRESEASON INTERC. MENS SOCCER 1.0 Units Students will work on advanced skills of soccer, such as, kicking, passing, trapping, heading and physical conditioning which are needed for controlled outdoor higher levels of soccer play, discuss and employ basic offensive and defensive strategies and tactics; use and apply the rules governing outdoor soccer play. KIN 40A PRE-SEASONWOMENS VOLLEYBALL 1.0 Units Preseason preparation for intercollegiate competition in the sport of women’s volleyball. KIN 41D OFF SEASONWOMENS BASKETBALL 1.0 Units Students will practice the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting and defense necessary for competitive basketball play; put into practice the governing rules of basketball; learn about the appropriate terminology used in basketball and the safety procedures related to the game. KIN 48A PRE-SEASONWOMENS SOCCER 1.0 Units Students will practice the skills of kicking, passing, trapping and heading necessary for controlled outdoor defensive strategies and tactics; put into practice the rules governing outdoor soccer play. KIN 61 WATER POLO OFF SEASON TRAINING 0.5 Units This course is designed to give students the opportunity to learn and apply specific conditioning skills relating to the game of Water Polo. Instruction will focus on speed, quickness, strength, and cardiovascular conditioning in the pool as they relate to the play of Water Polo. Concepts of dryland training and periodization will be discussed. Strongly Recommended: KIN WP1 and KIN SW2 with a minimum grade of C KINESIOLOGY - THEORY COURSES - KIN 17 INTRO ATHLETIC TRNG/SPORTS MED 4.0 Units Basic taping skills, introduction to modality usage, and basic rehabilitation principles of athletic training. Designed to be preparatory for further education and a career in Athletic Training and/or other Sports Medicine related fields. May include work with intercollegiate sports programs. Legal and ethical issues, professionalism, organization and administration of a sports medicine facility. This course is focused on preparing those interested in becoming Athletic Trainers and Coaches. KIN 24 SPORT PSYCHOLOGY 3.0 Units A formal introduction to the study of sport psychology focusing upon both the psychological factors that influence participation in sport and exercise and the psychological effects derived from that participation. Emphasis on understanding the psychological processes involved in human performance, models of intervention that can enhance and improve learning and performance conditions, and the strategies which can elicit and influence favorable psychological perceptions and outcomes. MARKETING MKTG 50 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING 3.0 Units Marketing as a value exchange process involving all societal members; an overview of product development, pricing, placement, and promotion; Target markets including the demographic and behavioral dimensions of markets; analyses of marketing placement and pricing strategies and the social, cultural, economic, competitive and legal factors affecting marketing mix decisions. Strongly Recommended: ENG 1A with a minimum grade of C MATH • Math Emporium Classes......................... pg. 28 • Lecture Classes............................................ pg. 29 • All Concurrent Support........................... pg. 30 • NonCredit (Tuition-Free) Math Classes and Concurrent 31 • Math Pathways Flowchart......................88, 89 Scan here to visit the current Summer 2022 class schedule online

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