Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

54 FALL 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] FALL 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. such macroeconomic and microeconomic topics as supply and demand, firms’ output and pricing decisions, international trade, comparative economic systems, economic growth, business cycles, fiscal and monetary policy, labor, and money banking. EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES EMS 16 PARAMEDIC CLINICAL OCCUPATION 3.0 Units Occupational work experience course that provides instruction to enhance student’s knowledge of emergency care in a clinical setting. Students are provided access to adequate numbers of patients, proportionally distributed by illness, injury, gender, age, and common problems encountered in the delivery of emergency care appropriate to the level of the Emergency Medical Services Profession(s). Hospital/clinical experiences include the operating room, recovery room, intensive care unit, coronary care unit, labor and delivery room, pediatrics, and emergency department, and include exposure to an adequate number of pediatric, obstetric, psychiatric, and geriatric patients. Prerequisite: EMS 11, EMS 13, EMS 10 and EMS 12 with a minimum grade of C EMS 17 PARAMEDIC CAPSTONE OCCUPATION 1.0 Units An occupational work experience course that provides practicum experience for paramedic students to observe and participate in emergency medical care supervised by a preceptor in an emergency response vehicle. Requires a minimum of 480 hours, and students must document at least 40 advanced life support (ALS) patient contacts. Student will provide the full continuum of care from initial contact to transfer of care at the receiving facility for half of all ALS contacts. Students must obtain minimum competency as a Team Leader. The field internship provides the student with an opportunity to serve as team leader in a variety of pre-hospital advanced life support emergency medical situations. Prerequisite: EMS 16 with a minimum grade of C EMS 20 EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN 7.0 Units Provides training in the foundation skills and knowledge required of the EMT scope of practice. The EMT certification is the minimum requirement for ambulance attendants and most entry-level firefighter positions. EMT certification is also required for entry into paramedic training. This training program is accredited by the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services District. Prerequisite: EMS 30 with a minimum grade of B EMS 30 EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER 3.0 Units Development of knowledge and skills necessary for recognizing and caring for victims in emergency situations, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the use of an automated external defibrillator, and prevention of disease transmission. Designed for emergency medical responders in the public safety field. Successful completion of the psycho-motor skills tests and successful completion of the course with a score of 80%, and achieving a score on the course summative final at (80%) qualifies the student for an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Certificate issued by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). Strongly Recommended: EMS 70B with a minimum grade of C ECE 80I PRESCHOOL FDN: PHYSICAL DEVEL. 1.0 Units Introduction to the physical development domain of the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks including strands of fundamental movement skills, perceptualmotor skills and movement concepts, and active physical play. Provides practical strategies for implementing the curriculum frameworks developed for this domain. Applicable to required or Child Development Permit holders, pre-school, transitional kindergarten, and early primary teachers. ECE 90 PRACTICUM-SUPERVISED EXP. 4.0 Units Practicum experience working with young children under the supervision of an ECE/CD faculty; Students will utilize practical classroom experiences to make connections between theory and practice, develop professional behaviors, and build comprehensive understanding of children and families. Child centered, play oriented approaches to teaching, learning and assessment and knowledge of curriculum content areas will be emphasized as student teachers design, implement and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for all young children. Prerequisite: ECE 50 and ECE 56 and ECE 62 and ECE 63 with a minimum grade of C ECE 95 WORK EXPERIENCE 1.0 Units Cooperative effort between, student, supervisor and instructor to accomplish professional work objectives and broaden experiences. On-the-job work experience to build early childhood competencies. Corequisite: ECE 96 ECE 96 WORK EXPERIENCE SEMINAR 1.0 Units Discussion and analysis of typical problems often encountered by employees at the workplace. Application of National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct to difficult situations that occur at the job site. Develop and complete measurable developmentally appropriate goals in early care and education settings. Corequisite: ECE 95 ECONOMICS ECON 1 PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS 3.0 Units Economic analysis of market systems, price theory, including supply and demand analysis, marginal utility, elasticity, cost and revenue concepts, perfect and imperfect competition, international trade theory, pricing of the factors of production, poverty and income inequalities. Prerequisite: MATH 55 or MATH 55B and ENG 104 with a minimum grade of C ECON 2 PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS 3.0 Units Economic analysis of the theory of income determination, including national income analysis, business cycles, the consumption function, the multiplier, fiscal policy, monetary policy, money and banking, the public debt, economic growth and development, comparative economic systems and international trade. Prerequisite: MATH 55 or MATH 55B and ENG 104 with a minimum grade of C ECON 10 GENERAL ECONOMICS 3.0 Units Survey of the economic system of the United States, covering

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