Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

61 FALL 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] FALL 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. desktop interface design, information architecture, user research, as well as UX planning documents such as wireframes and personas. Students learnmany of the principles, processes, and techniques used to develop effective user interfaces. GDDM 40 DESIGN SHOP:BUSINESS OF DESIGN 3.0 Units The Design Shop business of the Visual Communications program creates work for clients on the Las Positas College campus. This course is designed for students who are ready to produce client-based work in print and/or for the web prior to seeking employment and/or applying for transfer to a 4-year institution. Students work one-on-one or in a team with the client while refining leadership skills and the full range of visual, oral and written techniques needed to produce industry standard client-based work. Students develop creative print and/or web solutions that meet the full scope of the client’s needs and that are of a quality that demonstrates the individual or team’s work at industry- standard level. Strongly Recommended: GDDM 52, GDDM 53, GDDM 54, GDDM 55, GDDM 56, GDDM 57 with a minimum grade of C GDDM 51 COLOR THEORY 3.0 Units A basic-level course highlighting color as an element for communication and expression in all visual fields. Covers key color systems and their relevance to graphic and other visual arts and creative and technical aspects of color. GDDM 52 INTRODUCTION TO TYPOGRAPHY 3.0 Units This course examines letterforms and fundamental typographic principles, with emphasis on the vocabulary of typographic form and its relationship to message/purpose in graphic design. Typography is the backbone of graphic design, and the ability to design effectively with type is essential for a graphic designer. Course includes applied history and theory highlighting type as an element for communication and expression. In-class focus on type legibility, readability, and visual appropriateness. Strongly Recommended: GDDM 54, GDDM 64 with a minimum grade of C GDDM 53 PHOTOSHOP I 3.0 Units Technical and skill development course using the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop at the introductory to create and manipulate digital images, photographs and illustrations. Emphasis on basic to lower-intermediate level techniques and tools used to create image files suitable for print and screen. Design principles emphasized to create effective output through computer-based composition. Strongly Recommended: GDDM 50 and GDDM 51 with a minimum grade of C GDDM 54 ILLUSTRATOR I 3.0 Units Technical and drawing skill development course using the latest version of Illustrator at the basic- to intermediate- level to render 2- and 3-D digital drawings and illustrations. Emphasis on basic- to intermediate-level techniques and tools used to create image files suitable for print and screen. Design principles emphasized to create effective output through computer-based composition. Strongly Recommended: GDDM 50 with a minimum grade of C GDDM 55 WEB DESIGN I 3.0 Units This introductory web design course takes a visual communications approach to the creation of web sites, and the fundamental techniques required to format text, illustrations, tables, and images for the web. Emphasis is placed on appropriate design for the web - beginning with a graphic user interface balanced with HTML5 code and CSS3 handcoding that is functional, logical, and attractive, and bringing the concept to life using Dreamweaver. The course also includes detailed instructions on how to use Dreamweaver to create web content, as well as an introduction to Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Joomla! and Drupal. Strongly Recommended: GDDM 50 with a minimum grade of C GDDM 56 INTRODUCTION TO GRAPHIC DESIGN 3.0 Units Design and skills development course exploring the creative processes, methods, strategies and tools used in developing concepts and final designs in any visual field including the basic elements of design: line, texture, value, shape, color, light, and spatial concepts Emphasis is placed on experience applying design principles and conventions to create 2-dimensional work. Use of computers as digital design tool along with basic manual techniques relating to effective preparation, presentation, craftsmanship and professionalism in presentation. GDDM 57 BRANDING AND IDENTITY DESIGN 3.0 Units Students in this course will learn the process of brand development and implementation. From research and analysis through launch and governance, the course covers all aspects of the process and the best practices that build better brands. Prerequisite: VCOM 56 and GDDM 53 or GDDM 54 with a minimum grade of C GDDM 58 PHOTOSHOP II 3.0 Units Technical and design skill development course using Photoshop to create and manipulate images, illustrations, text and animations. Emphasis on intermediate-through advancedlevel techniques and tools used to create photo- realistic composites, special effects, custom brushes, and Photoshop rendered imagery for print and screen. Prerequisite: GDDM 53 with a minimum grade of C Strongly Recommended: GDDM 50 HEALTH HEA 1 INTRO TO PERSONAL HEALTH 3.0 Units An exploration of major health issues and behaviors in the various dimensions of health (physical, emotional, intellectual/ mental, social, spiritual, and environmental). Emphasis is placed on individual responsibility for personal health and the promotion of informed, positive health behaviors. Topics include psychological health, mental health, stress management, nutrition, exercise, weight management, chronic and infectious diseases, healthy relationships, sexual health, drug use and misuse, aging, and the health care system. HEA 3 WOMENS HEALTH 3.0 Units Physiological, psychological, social, cultural, and political influences on women’s health. Emphasis on diversity of women’s health experiences and factors involved with both population level health outcomes and individual decisionmaking. Focus on empowerment for primary prevention. 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