Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

63 FALL 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] FALL 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. HUMANITIES HUMN 2 INTRODUCTION TO FILM STUDIES 3.0 Units Introduction to film aesthetics, styles, and devices, as well as film theory and critical approaches to film analysis. Overview of film history, in addition to film production, technology, and distribution. Emphasis on diverse responses to the art form of cinema and its impact on contemporary culture. Students can take Humanities courses in any order. HUMN 3 INTRODUCTION TO HUMANITIES 3.0 Units Dramatic literature, the theater including filmic art, an introduction to the experience and appreciation of works of musical and visual art and lyric poetry. Students can take Humanities courses in any order. HUMN 4 GLOBAL CINEMAS 4.0 Units Global cinema traditions analyzed through historical, political, cultural, commercial, and artistic perspectives. Screenings and interpretation of representative films from a variety of national and cultural film traditions from around the world, including films from Latin American, U.S., Asian, European, African, and Middle Eastern contexts. Students can take Humanities courses in any order. HUMN 10 AMERICAN ARTS AND IDEAS 3.0 Units Humanities in the United States. Explored through major works of literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, music, philosophy, technology, religion, political and social institutions that reflect the values and meanings of the American cultural experience. Particular attention paid to the experience and contributions of various culture groups (African Americans, Asian-Americans, European-Americans, American Indians, and Latino Americans). HUMN 11 CULTURE AND THE ARTS I: 3.0 Units A survey of the artistic and intellectual accomplishments of human cultures from the Ancient to Early Renaissance Eras. Emphasis is on the study of ancient to medieval painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, theater, religion, and philosophy from both Western and non-Western cultures. Students can take Humanities courses in any order. HUMN 28 WORLD MYTHOLOGY 3.0 Units Introduction toworldmythology, including classicalmythology, and the mythic themes recurring in literature, the visual arts, and music. Introduction to the major theories used to evaluate mythology. Exploration of myths about creation, destruction, gods, humans, heroes, tricksters, as well as their origins, variation, historical development, and full expression in ancient times and continued presence in the arts. Students can take Humanities courses in any order. INTERIOR DESIGN INTD 15 DRAFTING FOR INTERIOR DESIGN 3.0 Units Provides a working knowledge of tools and techniques for interior architectural drafting. emphasis on lettering, dimensioning floor plans, elevation and sections. Also, covers procedures for developing finished presentational drawings and boards. INTD 25 MATERIALS AND RESOURCES 3.0 Units Survey of residential and commercial interior furnishings with attention to product knowledge of furniture, textiles, ceramics, glass, metals, plastics and composite materials. Skills needed to perform related activities. INTD 47 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES 3.0 Units Interior design practices including business and marketing aspects, wholesale resource development, design presentation and career preparation, contractual obligations. JOURNALISM AND MEDIA STUDIES JAMS 1 INTRO TO MASS COMMUNICATIONS 3.0 Units Survey of mass communication and the interrelationships of media with society, including history, structure, and trends in a digital age. Discussion of theories and effects, economics, technology, law and ethics, global media, media literacy, and social issues, including gender and cultural diversity. Strongly Recommended: Eligibility for ENG 1A/1AEX JAMS 2 INTRODUCTION TO MEDIA 3.0 Units A survey of radio, television, film, and multimedia and their impact on culture and society; includes economics, technological development, programming, ratings, legal aspects, and social control of broadcasting in America, and cross-cultural, international comparisons. Strongly Recommended: Eligibility for ENG 1A/1AEX JAMS 3 INTRO TO PUBLIC RELATIONS 3.0 Units Introduction to the principles, history, development, and professional practice of modern public relations. Includes concepts of planning and executing effective communication strategies, including message design and distribution, for any organization. Strongly Recommended: Eligibility for ENG 1A/1AEX JAMS 12 INTRO TO PHOTOJOURNALISM 3.0 Units This course deals with the photographer as a journalist, focusing on theory and practice in press and publications photography, with emphasis on using the camera as a reporting and communications tool. Covered are news and feature photography and photographic essays, including composition, impact, and creativity, for newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and other mass communications media. Understanding and applying photojournalistic and basic technical and visual skills in the making of successful reportage photographs. Consideration of the work of major 20th and 21st century photojournalists. Students who have completed, or are enrolled in, PHTO 72 may not receive credit. Strongly Recommended: PHTO 50 and/or PHTO 56 and/or GDDM 53 with a minimum grade of C Scan here to visit the current Fall 2022 class schedule online

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