Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

9 COURSE REGISTRATION PROCEDURES ADDING CLASSES 1. Go to 2. Login to CLASS-Web 3. Select the Student Services tab 4. Click the Registration link 5. Click the Add/Drop or Withdraw from Classes link 6. Select the term and click the Submit button 7. Enter the course registration number (CRN) 8. Click the Submit Changes button WAITLIST Students may reserve a space on the waitlist for courses that are closed due to reaching their maximum enrollment limit. During registration, students will be automatically prompted to sign up for the waitlist if the class is closed. Students cannot add themselves to the waitlist if one of the following conditions exist: a. Course prerequisites/corequisites not met; b. Registration holds; c. Waitlist class overlaps in time with classes already registered for; d. Already on a waitlist for the same class. (However, students may add themselves to waitlists for different classes); or e. Adding to the waitlist exceeds the maximum unit load of 18 units. WAITLIST NOTIFICATIONS All notifications for waitlist will be emailed to the student’s Zonemail account. If a seat becomes available for a course, the student at the top of the waitlist receives a notification email to register for that class within 72 hours. If the student does not take action before the stated expiration date and time, the student loses their spot to the next student on the waitlist and is removed from the waitlist. ADD AUTHORIZATION NUMBERS The Add Authorization Number reserves your seat in the class and it is only valid for a short period of time, so DON’T DELAY your registration. If you miss the course add deadline, you will need to contact your instructor and ask to be added. Your instructor will then submit a late add request online directly to the Admissions and Records office. Students who are on the waitlist and wish to add should attend the first day of class. Instructors will issue add authorization numbers to students in the order that they appear on the waitlist. After waitlist students have been accommodated, the instructor may add any remaining students by priority number. Students who have received an add authorization number from the instructor may then enter the 4 digit add code via CLASSWeb or The Zone. The student must add the class by the add deadline (see Academic Calendar). HOW COURSE “ADD” PRIORITY IS DETERMINED Only the last four digits of the priority number are considered by an instructor at the beginning of each course when determining “add” priority for additional students. The “add” priority number for new students will be zero for their initial semester of enrollment. Students may attempt to add into open classes during the add period at the beginning of a term or semester. Students are generally added from highest to lowest priority number. Instructors will issue add authorization numbers to students in the order that they appear on the waitlist. After waitlist students have been accommodated, the instructor may add any remaining students by priority number. LATE REGISTRATION (First two weeks of semester) If you were unable to submit your application and register for classes before the semester begins, you will need to complete the following: 1. Submit an application online; 2. Attend class (Do not wait for your application to be processed); • Obtain an ADD AUTHORIZATION NUMBER from the instructor. Be sure to have your priority number available. Reminder: If there is space available, instructors will add according to waitlist priority before issuing adds to non-waitlisted students. 3. Register • Enter the 4 digit number on CLASS-Web when prompted to do so in the registration menu. Refer to the “Late Start” section for available courses. ADD/ DROP dates for these courses may vary from full term courses. STUDENT ID CARD All students are required to carry a valid photo identification card with current validation sticker. This card is essential for use of library, computer lab, bookstore, Wheels (bus transportation) and other campus services. Cards may be obtained at Admissions and Records, Building 1600. COMMON REGISTRATION ERROR MESSAGES EXCESS UNITS Students are eligible to take up to 18 units. If a student wishes to take more than 18 units he/she must consult with a Counselor. CLASS OVERLAP Students may be permitted to enroll in two classes that meet during any part of the same hour with approval from the instructor, but only if a class overlaps with another class for 15 minutes or less. The student must request a Class Overlap form at the Admissions and Records Office. The form must be filled out by the instructor and signed by the appropriate Dean. The student must then return the completed form to the Admissions and Records Office no later than the day before the Census date. REPEAT LIMIT EXCEEDED The student must consult with the Counseling Department. PREREQUISITE NOT MET The student must consult with the Counseling Department.

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