Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

97 ACADEMIC & STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES READING & WRITING CENTER (RAW) The RAW Center offers free drop-in tutoring for help with any class in which reading and writing is required. We also offer paper review drop-off service. English and ESL instructor-tutors will assist with transfer applications and scholarship statements, and we offer online reading and writing support. For more information, including hours of operation and online lessons, please visit the website. STUDENT HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER Our team of medical, behavior health, and public health professionals are here to provide high quality integrated healthcare services that promote physical and psychological well-being, treats minor health issues, helps students navigate the healthcare and insurance systems, and strives to empower students to have a healthy and successful academic experience. STUDENT LIFE The Student Life Office is committed to providing programs and services that foster student participation and engagement in college governance, student activities, and cultural events through our Las Positas College Student Government (LPCSG) and our clubs/organizations. The College recognizes the important role of students as active and meaningful participants in the shared governance decision-making processes of the institution. The Student Life Office provides students with opportunities to strengthen their knowledge, expand their understanding of governance issues, increase their preparedness, and apply their leadership development skills through co-curricular engagement. TRANSFER CENTER Las Positas College offers guaranteed transfer admission to over 95 colleges and universities. Six University of California (UC) campuses, nine California State University (CSU) campuses, more than 40 private/independent colleges, and more than 40 out-of-state universities offer guaranteed admission to students who meet specific requirements. By participating in a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), Associate Degree in Transfer (ADT) program, or Transfer Admissions Agreement (TAA), you may be eligible for an early review of your academic records, early admission notification, and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework. Meet with a Las Positas College counselor to develop a student educational plan (SEP) to meet your transfer goals. TUTORING CENTER The Tutoring Center is dedicated to students’ educational success by providing free high-quality learning support relevant to the individual needs of the diverse student population. We strive to create a welcoming, empathetic, and supportive environment so all students can become independent, active, and life-long learners. UMOJA [email protected] is a learning community that provides a support system to help students reach their academic and life goals. While all students are invited to enroll, Umoja is designed to foster the success of Black and African American students. To do this, Umoja students gain a dedicated academic counselor and accessible faculty who are determined to see students succeed in the midst of barriers and life challenges. Umoja students also take linked classes for two semesters to help them form bonds, develop leadership skills, build cultural affirmation, and work toward success. The courses that Umoja students take are in the fields of college success, transfer planning, English, and Library Skills. All courses center African and African American experiences, voices, writers, speakers, and topics. Lastly, to foster learning and goal achievement, students are invited to attend college tours and culturally-enriching conferences and events, which are usually free-of-cost to students. For more information, contact Kimberly Burks at [email protected] or Kisha Turner at [email protected], or visit:​ VETERANS FIRST Veterans First Program provides support services to those who have served in the armed forces, those currently serving in the armed forces, reservists/guard, and dependents and spouses of Veterans. We are primarily responsible for the administration of Veterans educational benefits. In addition, we provide resources and referrals, such as career planning, financial aid, transition counseling services, and other needed services for our returning Veterans. We encourage all to contact our office in-person, by telephone, or by e-mail ([email protected] with any questions pertaining to one’s education, or any Veterans Affairs educational benefits. We can and will assist with the application and processing of your Veterans Affairs benefits at Las Positas College. Check out our new Las Positas College Veterans First App. Download it free today! Keyword: myvrc WORK-BASED LEARNING PROGRAM Las Positas College provides clear academic and career pathways to improve the workforce and economy of our community. To support this mission, the college offers a Work-Based Learning Program - a collaboration with local business and industry to develop career and work experience opportunities, internships and mentoring programs, and community work and study placements directly related to a vocational field of training. This partnership benefits both employers and students, ensuring a talent pipeline of skilled workers from the college to the workplace and reinforcing and expanding students’ classroom learning. As part of the Work-Based Learning Program, Las Positas College offers courses and an internship and job board. In Work Experience courses, students learn 21st century work skills and earn college credit for working. Learn more at The Las Positas College Internship and Job Board connects students and alumni with area employers. Register at http://

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