East Side Adult Education | Spring 2023 | Schedule of Classes

6 East Side Adult Education - Spring 2023 GED and High School Equivalency GED AND HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY Date Day Time Site 1/10/23 - 5/25/23 TTh 8:50am-12:00pm Zoom 1/10/23 - 5/25/23 TTh 12:30pm-3:40pm Zoom GED REMOTE LEARNING This class is designed for those students who do not have the ability to attend a physical class environment, on a regular basis, due to work schedule, family obligations, child care, or health issues. This is a two-day program and if you sign up for morning and afternoon sections, you will have more study time to accelerate your progress. This is optional! We meet for a Zoom Lesson class either Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon. This gives you the freedom to decide which works best for you. The rest of your time is working with assignments to help in skill building, studying from our software program (AZTEC), and conferencing with your teacher for tutoring and/or small group instruction. Study Rooms are set up for you to accomplish everything needed to reach your goal. AZTEC is an online study tool that will guide and provide you with Pretests and Posttests, Practice tests, drills, and lessons. Your instructor will oversee your lessons and contribute to the enhancement of those areas that require more practice. Through testing and assessment, the teacher and student discuss the student’s readiness for official testing. Getting Started: Students will be required to take a Placement Test Monday through Thursdays at Independence Adult Center, 625 Educational Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95133. Please call (408) 928-9300 to schedule an appointment with a counselor and to take a Placement Test to determine your level of learning. Once accepted into the GED Remote Learning Program, students will be contacted by the online Instructor and sent the Student Agenda, Registration form, plus other instructions. This will help students with the process of “getting started.” Class is Free and so are Resources!

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