Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

24 SUMMER 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] SUMMER 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. GEOLOGY GEOL 1 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 3.0 Units The Earth, its materials, its internal and external processes, and its development through time. Emphasis is placed on a thorough global understanding of Plate Tectonics as a framework and foundation for subsequent geologic topics and concepts. Topics include volcanoes, earthquakes and seismology, the Geologic Time Scale and the formation of the earth, rocks and minerals, hydrology, erosion, beach systems, environmental geology, glaciation, groundwater, etc. Course content includes the difference between theory and fact and the historical development of key geologic concepts. This is the foundation course for almost all subsequent geology courses for both geology majors and non-majors. The Geology 1 lab may be taken concurrently with the lecture or during a later term. Enrollment in the lecture course does not automatically enroll the student in the lab course; students must enroll in the lab course separately. GEOL 1L PHYSICAL GEOLOGY LABORATORY 1.0 Units Laboratory course to supplement the physical geology lecture course. Introduction to the materials and techniques of geology. Includes minerals, rocks, topographic and geologic maps, structural geology, identification and interpretation of landforms, geologic time and relative age dating analysis, etc. Prerequisite: GEOL 1 or GEOL 5 or GEOL 7 with a minimum grade of C (May be taken concurrently). GEOL 5 ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY: HAZARDS 3.0 Units Understandingandplanningfortheeffectsofnaturalhazardsand disasters on the earth, the ecosystem and human populations. Content covers the basic natural hazard processes, where and why they occur, as well as considerations for environmental land-use planning. Environmental hazards studied include earthquakes, volcanoes, river systems (including floods and dams), landslides, coastal erosion, tsunamis, sinkholes, etc. GEOL 12 INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY 3.0 Units Introduction to the oceans, the history of oceanic science, instrumentation and exploration; marine geology including plate tectonics and shoreline processes; physical and chemical properties of sea water; causes and effects of currents, tides, and waves; introduction to the basic types of marine life, the basic marine habitats and ecosystems; distribution of marine resources and the Law of the Sea. GRAPHIC DESIGN & DIGITAL MEDIA GDDM 3 THE HISTORY OF MODERN DESIGN 3.0 Units This introductory survey course focuses on the history, perception anddevelopment of design as an art formduring the Twentieth Century. The students will develop an understanding of the evolution and role of the Modern Movement in society. The students will also learn about the evaluation criteria of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design objects while examining examples of architecture, industrial design, graphic design and interior design. The students will be introduced to outstanding Twentieth Century design figures and their work. HEALTH HEA 1 INTRO TO PERSONAL HEALTH 3.0 Units An exploration of major health issues and behaviors in the various dimensions of health (physical, emotional, intellectual/ mental, social, spiritual, and environmental). Emphasis is placed on individual responsibility for personal health and the promotion of informed, positive health behaviors. Topics include psychological health, mental health, stress management, nutrition, exercise, weight management, chronic and infectious diseases, healthy relationships, sexual health, drug use and misuse, aging, and the health care system. HISTORY HIST 1 WESTERN CIVILIZATION TO 1600 3.0 Units Origin and development of civilization in the Mediterranean and its expansion into Europe - the Near East, Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Reformation. HIST 2 WESTERN CIVILIZATION SINCE 1600 3.0 Units History of the Modern Western World: Romanticism and the Industrial Revolution to the present. HIST 7 US HIST.THROUGH RECONSTRUCTION 3.0 Units A survey of United States history from its pre-colonial, indigenous origins through the end of Reconstruction. Emphasis on (1) distinctively American patterns of political, economic, social, intellectual and geographic developments, (2) the interaction amongst and the experiences of diverse racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups in American History, and (3) the evolution of American institutions and ideals including the U.S. Constitution, the operations of the U.S. government, and the rights and obligations of U.S. citizens under the Constitution. HIST 8 US HIST. POST-RECONSTRUCTION 3.0 Units History of the United States from the post-Civil War period to the present. Emphasis on (1) distinctively American patterns of political, economic, social, intellectual and geographic developments, (2) the framework of California state and local government, and the relationship between state/local government and the federal government. HORTICULTURE HORT 57 LANDSCAPE AND TURFGRASS MGMT 2.0 Units Principles and practices of landscape and turfgrass management as practiced by horticultural professionals, landscape contractors, and grounds keepers will be covered, including preparation, installation, maintenance, renovation, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, and pest control of landscape developments for residential, commercial, public grounds, golf courses, and gardens.

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