Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

67 FALL 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] FALL 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. of sound weight training principles, the female student will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout various stages of life. KIN WTW2 WOMENS WEIGHT TRAINING 2 1.0 Units Women’s Weight Training 2 is a continuation course to Women’s Weight Training 1. Students will increase muscular strength and/or muscular endurance using weight machines, free weights, and body weight exercises. Implementation of program design and goal setting will be included. Strongly Recommended: KIN WTW1 with a minimum grade of C. KIN YO1 YOGA 1 1.0 Units This is an introductory course exploring the principles of Hatha Yoga and how they apply to achieving lifetime fitness. Emphasis is on developing awareness of body alignment, balance, and flexibility through a series of exercises and poses. Breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques are learned and practiced throughout the course. KIN YO2 YOGA 2 1.0 Units This is an intermediate Hatha Yoga course that emphasizes intense stretching, balancing, and building of muscular strength. A series of poses and breathing techniques will be practiced in order to create a more strenuous yoga experience. Emphasis will be on the principles of healthy living, along with proper posture, relaxation and meditation techniques. Strongly Recommended: KIN YO1 with a minimum grade of C KIN ZUM1 ZUMBA FITNESS WORKOUT 1 1.0 Units Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness workout class that incorporates Latin American inspired music, along with jazz, hip hop, pop, country and African inspired international music. Zumbaworkouts will use choreographed steps andmovements to form a fitness-based calorie burning dance workout. KIN FJW3 FITNESS JOGWALK 3 1.0 Units This is a progressive continuation course to Fitness Jog Walk 2. The course will continue to enhance one’s knowledge of using walking/jogging in competition, whether it be cross country events, local race events, fun runs or competitive recreational events. Emphasis will be on speed work, terrain training, endurance development and training for varying outdoor weather conditions. The physiological and psychological aspects of competitive activity is presented. Training regimens and performances will be documented in logs for assessment and training adjustments. Nutritional and treatment of typical chronic orthopedic injuries will be discussed. Extracurricular and off campus events will be encouraged. Strongly Recommended: KIN FJW2 with a minimum grade of C KIN FJW4 FITNESS JOGWALK 4 1.0 Units This is a progressive continuation course to Fitness Jog Walk 3. This course focuses onwalking and/or jogging to enhance one’s cardiovascular fitness, body composition, and overall general health. This course is ideal for the general population to begin or continue a lifetime of exercise. Walking/Jogging techniques, training intensity assessment, methods for improvement and personal programs will be provided during the course. With consistent practice and implementing sound fitness principles provided by this course, one will benefit from participation. Proper jog/walk technique, progressive training programs, nutrition, hydration, and injury prevention will be addressed. Strongly Recommended: KIN FJW3 with a minimum grade of C KINESIOLOGY - INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS - KIN 32A FALL INTERCOLLEG. MENS BBALL 3.0 Units Basketball training for intercollegiate competition. Daily practice for advanced skill development will occur. Fall semester. KIN 38B INTERCOLLEGIATE MENS SOCCER 3.0 Units Training for intercollegiate competition at collegiate level. Practice will take place which will include training students to performat the college individual for intercollegiate competition in the sport of soccer using such skills as passing, receiving and heading as well as offensive and defensive strategies. Students must meet California Community College eligibility requirements as established by the California Commission on Athletics. Strongly Recommended: KIN 38A with a minimum grade of C KIN 40B IN SEASONWOMENS VOLLEYBALL 3.0 Units Intercollegiate competition in the sport of women’s volleyball. Strongly Recommended: KIN 40A with a minimum grade of C and/ or Ability to demonstrate the following skills: bump, set, spike, serve. KIN 41A PRE-SEASONWOMENS BASKETBALL 1.0 Units PRE-SEASON CONDITIONING FOR INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL (WOMEN) This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop the skills and physical conditioning, along with the understanding of basketball at the of basketball at the advanced level in preparation for intercollegiate competition . Skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defensive and offensive strategies will be presented and practiced. Team play and sportsmanship are important priorities that are emphasized in this class. Fall semester. KIN 41B FALL INTERC. BASKETBALL-WOMEN 1.5 Units Training for intercollegiate competition. Daily practice. Fall Semester KIN 48B INTERCOLLEGIATE WOMENS SOCCER 3.0 Units Instruction and intercollegiate competition is offered in this sport to those students who are selected, based on tryouts, prior to the start of the sport season. Strongly Recommended: KIN 48A with a minimum grade of C KIN 50A PRE-SEASON INTERCOLL. SWIMMING 2.0 Units This course is designed to give student-athletes participating in intercollegiate swimming and diving the opportunity to enhance fitness levels and skills prior to competition season. Course content will include technique, aerobic conditioning, race specific training, and dryland/weight training. Strongly Recommended: KIN SW3 with a minimum grade of C KIN 60 INTERCOLLEG. WATER POLO- MENS 3.0 Units This course is for Intercollegiate Men’s Water Polo competition conducted through the NCAA and CCCAA. Defensive and Scan here to visit the current Fall 2022 class schedule online

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