Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

81 FALL 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] FALL 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. with application to current political thought. Strongly Recommended: Eligibility for ENG 1A, POLI 7 with a minimum grade of C POLI 30 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 3.0 Units Introduction to international relations, politics, theories and institutions with an emphasis on contemporary practices. Strongly Recommended: POLI 7 with a minimum grade of C, Eligibility for ENG 1A PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELING PCN 5 INTRO. SOCIAL WK & HUMAN SERV. 3.0 Units An introductory overview of social welfare and the societal institutions in the U.S. that structure the provision of social services. The course presents a historical perspective on the development of U.S. social work and human services. Special attention is given to the evolution of social welfare programs and institutions, major U.S. court decisions, contemporary social problems, current service delivery systems, policies, procedures, and the tasks of culturally responsive social workers and human service workers within those settings. Strongly Recommended: ENG 1A completed with a grade of C PCN 10 CAREER AND EDUC. PLANNING 2.0 Units Exploration of the concept of career, educational and life planning focusing on personal career development through self-assessment. Emphasis on clarification of individual interests, values, needs, abilities and decision-making styles, investigation of occupational opportunities in the world of work, and introduction to job search strategies, resume writing and interview skills. Designed for those undecided or uncertain about their career and educational plans. PCN 13 MULTICULTURAL ISSUES: AMERICA 3.0 Units Exploration of issues relating to the multicultural community in whichwe livetoday. Interpersonal relationsandcommunication. Focus on improving individuals understanding of other cultures and how those cultures impact the American lifestyle. Includes exploration of myths and misunderstandings. Discussion of four specific cultures or sub-cultures from the following groups: 1) African-American, 2) Asian-American, 3) Hispanic-American, 4) Native-American, 5) Middle Eastern-American, 6) EuropeanAmerican, 7) Gay/Lesbian American, 8) Disabled American. PCN 18 UNIVERSITY TRANSFER PLANNING 1.0 Units Introduction to the resources and planning process needed to ease transition from community college to a four-year college or university. Development of a transfer action plan. Preparation for major and general education requirements. Application cycles and important deadlines. Recommended for those transferring to four-year colleges or universities. PCN 30 STUDENT SUCCESS: COLLEGE EXP. 3.0 Units This course explores concepts, knowledge, and skills relevant to college success. Students will engage in critical analysis on a variety of topics, including motivation, decision making, interpersonal communication, multicultural awareness, and learning theory. Problem solving strategies will be applied to areas including goal setting, career development, wellness, and accessing campus resources. PSYCHOLOGY PSYC 1 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 3.0 Units Introduces students to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Provides an overview of major psychological concepts and theories in such areas as consciousness, learning, memory, motivation, perception, personality, stress, and social behavior. Strongly Recommended: Eligibility for ENG 1Awith aminimumgrade of C PSYC 3 INTRO. TO SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 3.0 Units This course will introduce theories and concepts that explain individual behavior in social settings. The topics include research methods, social perception, social cognition, beliefs, prejudice/discrimination, interpersonal relationships, aggression, and group behavior. Strongly Recommended: PSYC 1 with a minimum grade of C PSYC 4 BRAIN, MIND, AND BEHAVIOR 3.0 Units Introduction to the field of biopsychology. The biopsychology of cognitive, perceptual, emotional, developmental, and social processes. Includes the biopsychology of personality, gender, emotions, learning, learning disabilities, drugs, neurological and developmental disorders, and mental health. Examination of information and theory for practical application. Prerequisite: PSYC 1 with a minimum grade of C PSYC 6 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 3.0 Units An introduction to mental health and the major mental health disorders in adults and children; includes anxiety, mood, personality, sexual, and psychotic disorders. The course will include the study of the major psychological, biological, and sociocultural models of mental health disorders and their treatment. PSYC 10 PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN SEXUALITY 3.0 Units Physiological and psychosocial aspects of sexual health in our contemporary society. Understanding the interrelationship of attitude and behavior as it relates to sexual well-being and sexual integrity. PSYC 12 LIFE-SPAN PSYCHOLOGY 3.0 Units Introduction to the psychological, physiological, and sociocultural factors influencing development from conception throughdeath. Emphasisontheprocessof normal development and its variations. Examination of theoretical models and research for practical application. PSYC 13 PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN 3.0 Units This course examines the diverse experiences of women from a psychological perspective. Students will explore psychological theory and research on gender and issues that affect women, and will gain insight into how psychologists investigate genderrelated issues. Strongly Recommended: Psychology 1. Scan here to visit the current Fall 2022 class schedule online

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