Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

82 FALL 2022 925.424.1000 | [email protected] FALL 2022 - COURSE LISTINGS Please refer to the onl ine schedule on CLASS-Web to access course section detai ls and the course record numbers (CRNs) for registration. SOCIOLOGY SOC 1 PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY 3.0 Units The sociological perspective: scientific study of human interaction and society as a whole with emphasis on the impact of groups on social behavior, systematic examination of culture, social organization, and methodology. SOC 3 INTRO TO RACE AND ETHNICITY 3.0 Units Racial and ethnic relations in the United States. Examines the cultural, political, and economic practices and institutions that support or challenge racism, racial and ethnic inequalities, as well as patterns of interaction between various racial and ethnic groups. Strongly Recommended: SOC 1 with a minimum grade of C SOC 4 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONS 3.0 Units Sociological perspective of the family including mate selection, marital roles, marital adjustment, sexual adjustment, reproduction, child rearing, marital dissolution, and problems associated with the family in modern industrial society. Strongly Recommended: SOC 1 with a minimum grade of C SOC 5 INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL STUDIES 3.0 Units This course looks at the economic and political forces that have led to the rapid changes in global interaction and culture over the past century, with special emphasis on the last twenty years. It explores the issues of nationalism, global citizenry, state violence, terrorism, the global economy, migration, the threatened environment, technology, and the role of multinational media industries on the culture. Strongly Recommended: SOC 1, ENG 1A with a minimum grade of C SOC 6 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 3.0 Units An identification and analysis of contemporary social problems including (1) the role of power and ideology in the definition of social problems, (2) their causes and consequences, (3) evaluations of proposed solutions, and (4) methods of intervention. Topics will vary. SOC 11 SOCIOLOGY OF GENDER 3.0 Units This course examines the social construction of masculinity and femininity historically and cross-culturally. It analyzes the impact of economic and political change on gender expectations and practices. This class focus includes both macro-analyses of how institutions shape gender and microanalyses of how individuals “do” or practice gender. SOC 12 POPULAR CULTURE 3.0 Units The course explores the historical, theoretical, political, and economic factors that influence the creation and diffusion of popular culture. It examines the impact of technological innovation and globalization on how popular culture is consumed and how this affects society. Strongly Recommended: SOC 1 (completed with a grade of C or higher). PSYC 17 PSYCHOLOGY OF SLEEP & DREAMS 3.0 Units An introduction to the scientific study of sleep and dreams. Major historic, modern, multicultural views and theories of sleep and dreams; research methods in the study of sleep and dreams; the biological basis of sleep and dreams; biological rhythms; the stage sand cycles of sleep; sleep requirements and changes across the lifespan; sleep deprivation and its effects on cognitive, emotional, behavioral functioning and health; the role of sleep and dreams in mental health; the relationship between sleep and daytime alertness and performance; theories of dream content, function, and meaning; dreaming and creativity; and lucid dreaming; sleep disorders, their characteristics and treatments. Examination of information and theories for practical application. PSYC 25 RESEARCH METHODS 4.0 Units Introduction to the use of the scientific method in the study of human and animal behavior. Coverage of descriptive, experimental, and non-experimental methods commonly used in psychological research. Topics will include ethical principles in research, hypothesis development and testing, observational methods, survey research, the fundamentals of experimental design, basic data analysis, and the presentation of research findings. Prerequisites: PSYC 1 with a minimum grade of C and MATH 40 with a minimum grade of C RADIATION SAFETY RADS 40A RADIATION SAFETY 2.0 Units A course designed to provide basic radiation safety instruction. Includes identificationof thesourcesof radiationandradioactive materials, the nature of ionization radiation, biological effects, and risk assessment. Strongly Recommended: MATH 110 or MATH 110B with a minimum grade of C RELIGIOUS STUDIES RELS 1 RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD 3.0 Units This course is an introduction to select religious traditions and cultures through exploring the history and beliefs of different religions. This course will also examine classic sacred texts and a variety of sacred practices. Religions studied include Shamanistic/Indigenous Religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism. Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Students may take Religious Studies classes in any order. RELS 3 INTRO TOWOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY 3.0 Units An interdisciplinary and cross-cultural examination of women’s spirituality with particular reference to women’s contributions and influence in redefining feminine aspects of the divine. Examines the use of feminine experience as a primary construct for understanding the connection between women’s spirituality and the sacred. This course will also explore how issues of gender, culture, and identity influence women’s religious experiences. Explores religious texts, rituals, music, poetry and film.

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