Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

89 FALL 2022 Mathema�cs Pathway to Liberal Arts Transfer LIBERAL ARTS TRANSFER LEVEL COURSES MATH 33 UC/CSU Finite Mathema�cs, 4 units MATH 40 UC/CSU Sta�s�cs & Probability, 4 units MATH 47 UC/CSU Math for Liberal Arts, 3 units Students are encouraged to enroll directly into a transfer-level Math course. Research has shown students are more likely to succeed in their Math class when they enroll in concurrent support and/or Math Jam course Noncredit courses are FREE! Not sure what course to take? Math faculty and counselors are here to help you. CONCURRENT SUPPORT COURSES NEW! Jam all semester long with RECOMMENDED support during the semester. Offered for credit or tuition-free (noncredit). Aligned with your math course and designed with innovative strategies to provide math and learning support while taking your math class. NMAT 200C or MATH 100C Concurrent Support for SLAM (Statistics, Liberal Arts Math) For more information, visit MathJam MATH JAM BOOTCAMP COURSES Award-winning, 1-week before the semester starts, & tuition-free! Offered the week before the Fall and Spring semesters. Innovative learning interventions help you prepare for upcoming mathematic courses. Proven to increase student success and retention rates! NMAT 264 Math Jam for SLAM (Statistics, Liberal Arts Math) Enroll in your Math class with confidence! Statistics & Probability introduces topics related to the analysis and presentation of realworld data. Students will apply concepts to draw conclusions and make predictions from data. Finite Math is a survey course in the context of business and every day applications, including financial math, optimization and probability. Math for Liberal Arts surveys a range of math concepts not typically seen in earlier classes. Students will engage with a variety of interesting topics relating to our world. MATH 27 UC/CSU Number Systems for Educators, 3 units Number Systems for Educators develops quantitative reasoning skills through in-depth, integrated explorations of topics, including real number systems and subsystems. Emphasis is on comprehension and analysis.

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