Las Positas College | Summer-Fall 2022 Class Schedule

88 FALL 2022 MATH 39* CSU Trigonometry, 4 units MATH 30* UC/CSU College Algebra for STEM, 4 units MATH 34 UC/CSU Calculus for Bus/Social Sciences, 5 units MATH 1* UC/CSU Calculus I, 5 units MATH 5 UC/CSU Ordinary Differen�al Equa�ons, 3.5 units MATH 2 UC/CSU Calculus II, 5 units MATH 3 UC/CSU Mul�variable Calculus, 5 units MATH 104 UC/CSU Discrete Mathema�cs, 4 units MATH 7 UC/CSU Elementary Linear Algebra, 3.5 units MathemaƟcs Pathway to Business/STEM Transfer Students are encouraged to enroll directly into a transfer-level Math course. Research has shown students are more likely to succeed in their Math class when they enroll in concurrent support and/or Math Jam course Noncredit courses are FREE! BUSINESS/STEM TRANSFER LEVEL COURSES STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Courses are transferable to UC and/or CSU. *Students can place into MATH 1 via: Pass MATH 30 and MATH 39, HSGPA ≥ 3.0 AND A, B, or C in HS Precalculus all academic year, or HS Calculus with A, B, or C. Students can place into MATH 2 with AP AB score 3, 4, or 5. Students can place into MATH 3 with AP BC score 3, 4, or 5. 4 Math 10 prerequisites are: Math 1 and CS 1. Enroll in your Math class with confidence! CONCURRENT SUPPORT COURSES Support during the semester, offered for credit or tuition free (noncredit)! Aligned with your math course and designed with innovative strategies to provide math and learning while you are taking your math class. NMAT 201C or MATH 101C Concurrent Support for BSTEM (Business Calculus, College Algebra, and Trigonometry) MATH 66C* & 67C* 1 unit Concurrent Support for Calculus I & II respectively * Offered for credit only For more information, visit MathJam MATH JAM BOOTCAMP COURSES Award-winning, 1-week before the semester starts, & tuition-free! Offered the week before the Fall and Spring semesters. Innovative learning interventions help you prepare for upcoming mathematic courses. Proven to increase student success and retention rates! NMAT 265 Math Jam for BSTEM (Business Calculus, College Algebra, and Trigonometry) MATH 66* & 67* 1 unit Math Jam for Calculus I & II respectively * Offered for credit only NMAT courses are tui�on‐free, noncredit mathe‐ ma�cs courses. Students may enroll as many �mes as desired. NMAT 250/255 students may pe��on to receive credit by examina�on. College Algebra for STEM includes important algebraic and application topics essential for success. Calculus concepts in the service of business and social science applications are explored. Trigonometry, its rich applications and algebraic properties are explored. 3Math 30 & Math 39 can be taken in any order or together. Suggested order: Take Math 30 first. and3

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